Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relief for Haiti

"Papa Legba ouvre baye pou Haiti, Ago eh!
Papa Legba Ouvre baye pou Haiti,
Ouvre baye pou Haiti, Papa
Pou Haiti passe, Le'm tounnen map remesi Lwa yo!

Papa Legba, open the gate for Haiti, Ago Eh!
Papa Legba, open the gate for Haiti
Open the gate for Haiti Papa
When Haiti returns, we will thank the Loa. 

(I probably screwed up the creole here, but I wanted to change the prayer from refering to "me", to Haiti."

There is a legend that says Papa Legba never lets both feet touch the ground or it will unleash destruction because of his power. I received a strange post via "My Hoodoo", which is like MySpace but for Rootworkers, that asked if Legba put both feet down on Haiti. 

My own answer is NO. Definately not. Haiti has its trials to go through, and hopefully this is the last and most dramatic climax of destruction, before a new Golden Age sets in for them. Legba, loves Haiti, and is a force that I am praying to tonight so that the gates of relief will be opened and supplies can flow freely. Right now, the largest problem that the UN and Doctors without Borders is having is that they cannot figure out how and where to get everything in. 

Legba gets represented by St Anthony a lot, but also St Lazarus. It is this image that sticks in my mind as one that is most inspiring. A man that was raised from the dead through the power of divine magic. I can tell you that even if you have no experience in Vodou, Papa Legba is a powerful and friendly force that is easy to know. If you have the time, you should draw his veve on the ground outside as shown below, and perhaps print out his picture as seen above, and make a small offering of energy, light, run, tobacco, coconut, or something else that you think he might like. Don't ask for anything in return for yourself. Just make the offering and ask that he help his people, and that he make it easy for all the other Loa to help those in need as well. 

On a more practical point, several aid organizations need your financial assistance. My favorites are the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and the UN Envoy to Haiti. I have made my own donation, but in addition to that I am making the following offer:

I will donate 50% of the fee from anyone that signs up for the Strategic Sorcery Course by Thursday 1/21 to Doctors Without Borders. So, if you want to learn practical sorcery AND help a good cause, now is the time. 

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1/21 is payday, count me in.