Saturday, November 27, 2010



I am now taking students for the next cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Training Course, which begins on New Years Day 2011.

Over 200 students are currently working through various stages of the course, many of whom have already achieved the goals they set out for themselves at the beginning. 

These are just some of the reports of what students have achieved with the help of the material in the course:
  • Landed a 6 figure dream job
  • Found their soul mate and got engaged
  • Opened an Irish Pub
  • Learned to Astral Project
  • Conquered their smoking habit
  • Quit their day job to live off their passive income
The Strategic Sorcery course consists of 52 lessons arriving every Tuesday morning with a special "Lesson Zero" arriving New Years Eve. 

Cost for the course is $150 - About $3 a lesson!

This New Years Day you will have the opportunity to take part in a worldwide Strategic Sorcery Empowerment Ritual where you will link up with the other members of the Strategic Sorcery Course and perform an invocation that will act as a Catalyst for your work in the year ahead. 

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Offering Thanks and a Rant

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If you have a friend that is appreciative of efforts that you make on their behalf, chances are that you would be more inclined to perform further favors for this friend in the future right? If you had a friend who seemingly did not appreciate anything that you did for them, than you probably would be less inclined to offer further help right? Its just common sense.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the states. The universe is a friend that has done some favors for you, when you wake up tomorrow I want your first mental action to be to offer thanks for those favors. It seems sappy, but trust me my friends it is powerful sorcery. I do it every morning and again every night. If you believe in God than thank God. If you believe in fate than thank Fate. If you don't believe in anything like that just thank the universe and thank chance.

I was talking about this earlier today with someone and they basically told me that they have nothing to be thankful for, that nothing goes right for them, and that basically they feel shit on by the powers that be. This is not the first time I have encountered this attitude. My own Mother constantly says this.

Here is the deal: If you are reading this on your own computer, on a connection that you can afford to pay for, in your own place to live with heating and indoor plumbing, while maybe nibbling on some yummy snacks or sipping a glass of spirits than YOU WON THE FUCKING LOTTERY ALREADY.

Seriously. 50% of the adults on the planet make less than $800 a year. 20% has no access to potable water. Its a hard ass world out there and if you have the pleasure to read these words than you should take the first step in changing your life tomorrow by waking up and kissing the floor and offering thanks for your walls, bed, pillow, blankets, and food in the fridge. You don't have everything you want but for fucks sake people, with very little effort on your part you have eeked out some comfort for yourself just by virtue of being born in a 1st world country with an educational system. Have some goddamn humility.

On New Years day 2000 the Rokpa soup kitchen in Nepal that I worked in was over-run with people because another soup kitchen closed down for the day. After we ran out of Daal and Vegetables we only had rice. A girl with Polio crawled in on all fours too late to get anything but rice. She was genuinely thankful for the rice. I was just thankful I wasn't her.

In summary, the two points I want to make are:

First: Give thanks to the universe for what you have. It is a magical act that will benefit you in the same way that regular offerings do.

Second: If you think you have nothing to be thankful for, cut your crap. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trojan Vobsicum!

Hey Y'all. The Pope says that Condoms are better than spreading AIDS!

On the one hand I want to congratulate them for taking a step in the right direction. On the other hand, is it really necessary to applaud such a large organization for taking such a small and guarded step towards a position that is so common sense that they should have held it 75 years ago?

I dunno.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is it Surrender? If so, to what?

It seems that the blog-go-round has got a case of Jesus fever, which is cool.

Gordon wrote an excellent piece about his own emerging interest in Christianity that mentioned not only the fact that it can be terrifying, but that the reason for at least part of that terror is the element of surrender in Christianity. As Gordon notes in the post: "A magical worldview leans more toward taking charge and doing things yourself".

This is especially true of modern magic. In fact, the focus on the self has been the overall theme of most of the Magical, New Age, Self-help, and Spiritual movements of the last 150 years. Even when people get involved in traditional eastern religions like Buddhism, they often misinterpret it as being all about self-discovery and self-actualization. We ask ourselves questions like: What do I want to be? What are my goals? What should I do with my life?

In the orgy of self focus it is easy to loose sight of anything larger than our own ego. I mean, there is no self in Buddhism for crying out loud! It totally throws people for a loop when I tell them that Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche wrote "There is NO introspection in Buddhist meditation". Similarly Christianity is not meant to be largely focused on the self, but on God.

The issue is a matter of where we discover our true will or Thelema. In the Lords Prayer, we hear "Genetho Tou Thelema Sou", or "Thy Will Be Done". Theistically minded magicians have, right up unto the present, ended rituals prayers and spells with a statement along the lines of "as long as it does not conflict with your will o lord." This clearly seems like submission to an external authority.

Though this type of submission seems like groveling, it really is not. It is simply an acknowledgement that most of what you say think and do is confused and based on mechanistic reactions, attachments, and aversions that are not healthy. If you acknowledge that there is something underneath all this, than you begin to discover Thelema. Crowleyites think of it in terms of personal true will that is in harmony with the will of the universe itself, and Christians think of it in terms of Gods will. Either way it simply makes sense to say "this is what I want, but what the will of the universe is, is more important, so if it is counter to that, than never mind". After all, your own true innermost will, will not run counter to the universal flow. When I do work with the Sangreal Sodality we still do something like this and I do not feel like I am groveling at all.

When I think in terms of surrender to Christ, I do not see me as a separate being submitting to an external master. I think in terms of surrendering the false veneer of the ego to the true will of God that is inseparable from me.. The kingdom of God is within you, and you are within the kingdom of God.