Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Course Begins

I just sent off lesson zero for the course, with Lesson One to follow on Tuesday morning.

If you signed up for the class and did not receive your first post this morning, did not receive it at the right address, or do not know your student number, please write me and let me know asap so I can get it straightened out.



Thursday, October 29, 2009

Regarding Recent Interviews

Some of the links that I have posted to recent interviews have been dodgy.

The first interview, I still cannot find online. Those listening live told me that the end of it got cut off so maybe he didn't post it.

The second interview with Marla at Stirring the Cauldron can be heard here

or here

The interview with Thelema Now, will be posted somewhere around the 15th of November. Links will be posted.

The interview that I am most excited about is happening tomorrow night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thelema Now Podcast

I am going to be interviewed tonight for the OTO's official Podcast: Thelema Now.

6pm tonight. I dont know when it makes it onto the site.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One More Week to get in on the ground floor of the Course

The Strategic Sorcery Correspondence Course kicks off in just one more week, and I have been totally blown away by the response. We are now approaching 50 students and climbing.

Though you can sign up after it starts and receive all the back lessons, only those that sign up before Halloween will receive the personalized talisman.

For more information send me an e-mail at and put the words STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE in the subject line.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Modern Goetic Grimoire - A Review

Often you expect something to be really good and it winds up sucking eggs. Sometimes you expect something to suck and it turns out better than expected. Occasionally you expect something to be really good and it actually meets those expectations. Rarely though, you expect something to be good and it completely beats the crap out of those expectations with a tire iron, leaving "good" in the dust and arriving at "Great".

I am happy to report that Frater Rufus Opus’s new Opus, The Modern Goetic Grimoire, is one of those rare times when great expectations were met and exceeded.

What I expected was basically what he delivered in the Modern Angelic Grimoire; a clear and concise guide to the classic ritual presented in the Grimoire, but given a modern spin and detailed info on how to pull off all the “arts and crafts” aspects of it. What I got was so much more.

The good Frater goes into deep territory here. Far from just a text about the part of the Lemegeton that is called Goetia, this book covers the art of Goety itself: not just demons, but spirits of the dead and spirits of place. He covers the essentials of the Lemegetons ritual, stresses the importance of the circle, and need for initiation, and than actually gives several techniques for using the spirits in magic, not just conjuring as per the evocation but using the seals in spells and exorcisms.

I think that the best part is that he re-drew everything for the book in his own hand, and rather than just re-post the descriptions of the spirits as given in the Grimoire, he summarizes them in his own words and shares his own insights and experiences. This kind of material is the stuff that makes a huge difference to the practicing mage.

If you have considered using the Goetia, are just curious, you need to make like Aaron Burr and drop a Hamilton over to Frater R.O. for this book.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please keep your damn dieties out of my Tarot cards!

At my Necromancy class in New Hope this month, Eric, the owner of Mystical Tymes, gave me a copy of the Heindel tarot. I told him I always admired the art, but was always turned away by something. Now I know what. Its the use of Gods instead of Court Cards. For instance the Queen of Wands is Kali.

This turns me off big time. First because the deck flits between four mythologies for no compelling reason
. Why Hinduism, Native American, Egyptian, and Celtic? Why not Norse, Slavic, Shintoist, and Persian? I dunno.

The bigger issue though is that by using dieties to play th
e roles of the elemental court cards, you are downplaying the importance of the Major Arcana, who should be the stars of the show. The magnitude of say the Tower or Death is greatly diminished when Kali is sitting there as the Queen of Wands. Just doesnt work for me.

The shame of it is, that the Haindl isnt the only great looking deck to be ruined by this. One of my favorite decks of all time is the Barbara Walker Tarot. If you ever want to scare the bejeezus out of someone, give them a reading with the Barbara walker tarot
. Its very 70's dark-occult. Every card is people in dark robes stabbing things.

Sadly Walker also takes mythological figures and places them in court positions. Here is Kali again, this time as the queen of swords. She also does Atargatis with a vagina dentata, a really Satanic Baal and some others.
Anyway. My point is, if you are designing a tarot deck with awesome art, please please please. just dont make the court cards into random deities.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Real Magic Gets Wacky.

I have been having a number of discussions about the ways in which magic can, and often does, present itself in strange, even hokey ways.

Vortex Healing for instance is a cluster of bad New Age Clichés. Yet, the person I first learned about it from, a very serious occultist, was floored at its results. After checking it out I found other people who didnt buy into the whole new age history of "Merlins" and such, but who attested to its absolutely shocking effectiveness. After looking at some of the tech, a bit of it seems to mirror things I have been taught by angels (a new age cliché in itself). One of these days I will investigate further.

Another topic that has gotten a lot of attention recently in some quarters are old Parker Press books like The Miracle of New Avatar Power. These books are 25% tech and about 75% hokey testimonials like "How Charles F made $10,000 after performing the invocation to give secret knowlege". But heres the thing: the modern mages that are using this book and others like it, are reporting exactly that kind of success on their boards. They aren't selling the book. The tech is pretty simple, solid kabbalistic root - but just a bit different in terms of names and such. Different enough that those who cleave steadfastly to the standard will be turned off, but those that recognize how little actual instruction from angels and spirits actually sticks to those standard will see that it is a sign of validity rather than not.

Even some standard mages have made these changes. For instance William gray has most of the Sodalities invoking Jivroel instead of Gabriel because it tones down the martial elements of this angel, which was important in the days after the world war. Should we still be doing it that way? I suppose somebody should ask Gabriel or Jivroel, but instead we mostly just follow Grays lead so that we are all on the same page.

Anyway, as my own course in magic is about to start up, and is already approaching 40 students, I am becoming aware that a few of the things that iI will be teaching in later lessons, wont necessarily follow the standard because they have been taught to me by spirits or discovered through experimentation. I hope that they dont come off sounding like Vortex Healing does, but I am also proud that the material doesnt just fit snuggly into the mold.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interview with Marla Brooks

I will be interviewed by Marla Brooks on her show Stirring the Cauldron


October 15, 2009


9:00 pm EASTERN

Show website:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crowley Mass

Do what keepest thou from Willing shall be the loophole in the Law!

Whether you view him as a Prophet, a source of profit, or like me one just a very influential and prolific magician; today should be a day for all modern occultists to reflect upon his works.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Going to Crucible tomorrow.

If you live near Princeton, than you should be going as well.

I'll be speaking on Financial Magick and listening to lectures on Psionics. Black Magick, and Astral Biology among other things.

Cthulhu Ftagn!!

Go click on it to see it larger in all its eldritch glory.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Double Hitter Tomorrow.

Tomorrow night is a double hitter.

At 7 I am teaching in Longbranch and at 9:20 I am giving a radio interview!


Sacred Circle New Age Center

57B Brighton Ave. - Long Branch, NJ 07740
(732) 229-1119

Wednesday October 7th, 2009

7:00pm - 9:00pm

The five elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit/Space are fundamental properties in both western alchemy and eastern mysticism. In this class Jason Miller draws upon his experience in both Tibetan Tantra and the Western Mystery Tradition to present a complete system of meditations, visualizations, and breath techniques related to the five elements that promote health, clarity, and expanded awareness.

At 9:20 pm EASTERN

I will be interviewed for one full hour by

David James, host of Psychic Wisdom with David James Radio Hour

Monday, October 5, 2009

Discounted copies of Protection and Reversal Magick

As many of you know, Protection and Reversal Magick now has a new cover. This week, I started selling the copies with the new cover when people ask for the book.

I still have copies of book sporting the old cover, so I am discounting them down to $10 a copy until they are sold.

If interested, contact me at

Of course, I also have copies of "The Sorcerer's Secrets" and "Protection and Reversal Magick" with the new cover for sale at the full $16. For those that want them.

My Children have started a blog.

Apparently my twins have started a blog reviewing the places that my wife and I drag them to.

I assume they get a little help from Mom in writing it up. If not than I should probably push them into an advanced pre-school as they are not even three months old yet.

If you wanna check it out, its HERE

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More on RHP and LHP

Wow. What i thought was basically a junk post generated a lot of commentary. Most of that commentary travels far from the original post though and into areas that just don't interest me much.

I do have a few points though.

  • By defining LHP and RHP as how one relates to the passions in practice - I am not giving my opinion. That is what it is in Tantra, which is where, as far as I am aware, the terms come from. Its not about socizal acceptability because sex for instance is perfectly socially acceptable - its just not often thought of a sacred in the way that Chastity is. Chastity and sex Magick are both valid paths, but one is RHP and another is LHP. Any thoughts of LHP/RHP being self serving vs other serving, or socially acceptable vs. acceptable, or ego deifying vs seeking ego destruction stray very far from the real meaning.
  • The fact that some people have issues with sex and alcohol are excellent reasons not to engage in LHP practices. Those practices were never meant for the mainstream and they are dangerous for a reason. However, the fact that some have problems, doesnt invalidate the LHP for those of us who don't. Leave me my sacred substances and sex. I dont need to push them on you, please dont push the opposite on me.
  • As far as the up-coming class goes, the there will be a couple units devoted to sex magick. No homework however will be drawn from those lessons, so whether you actually put them to practice or not is up to you.
  • Ultimately the dichotomy is abandoned when the adept is ready to deal with reality as such, neither renouncing nor transforming the passions, but this is an even more difficult route than LHP itself. It is like walking the razors edge - which is probably why I dig it.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Mystically speaking there are two ways of working - the Right hand path and the left hand path. By RHP and LHP I do not mean this nonsense about being an isolate intelligence vs seeking oblivion by re-absorption into the pleroma or some crap like that. That is a false choice.

No, by RHP and LHP I simply mean how you deal with the passions of the mind: lust, anger, pride, lust (did I say that twice?). As they manifest normally, these things are an obstacle to realization. They keep one embroiled squarely in the material consensual reality.

The right hand path treats these poisons as most people would treat a poison - you avoid it, and warn others to do the same. This is the path of the majority of mystics in both the east and the west.

The left hand path treats the poison as a doctor might: they alchemically indulge the passions and use them as the path itself. This path is exemplified in the east in the many Tantric sects, and has appeared in the west at various times as well. The Carprocratians are an ancient example, Thelema would be a modern one.

Though you do personally kind of have to pick one approach or the other for yourself, at least until you can transcend the whole shibang and deal with causality as such, there is no reason to slight the people on the other side. Both are valid choices.

In the east there are many examples of Ngakpas and Tantric Yogis whose students became monks, and vice versa. There are many examples of friendships between teachers of these two approaches.

The RHP is slower, but safer. It is easier to maintain your ideas of purity and purify yourself by them. Society in general will look kindly on your efforts. Even if you remain a lay person and engage in acts of intoxication and lust - as most people do - at least you are not treating them as sacred. That is just a bot to much for most people.

The LHP is faster, but way more dangerous. Each of the passions has an immense amount of energy behind it - which is increased to such a size that is bigger than the ego that gave birth to them. You see the inherent purity of all existence. The problem is when you blow those passions up to cosmic proportions it is easy to blow your neurosis up as well. I was reminded of this this morning listening to the story about Elizabeth Smart's testimony. Her captor clearly had some kind of LHP trip, and indeed her testimony about his theology was eerily similar to the Carpocratians - that you needed to experience every low type of human experience to eventually experience the high's. The thing is that no one should ever be forced to undergo those things against their will. In fact, it completely defeats the point.

People on the LHP that cannot see the validity of the RHP would do well to keep this in mind. Clearly a lot of people that walk the RHP have a lot of ideas about Good and Evil tied to these concepts, but that doesn't mean that you should as well. Just because your path involves sex magick and religious intoxication and the indulgence of the passions - this doesnt make it a good choice for everyone. Indeed its a terrible choice for most.