Sunday, February 28, 2010

Strategic Sorcery Field Report # 3 - Sleep Issues

Here is another one from a student of mine. 

Name: Velvet Acantha
Issue: Interrupted sleep - falling asleep quickly but waking every hour consistently through the night for several weeks.
Ritual: Pillar and the Spheres followed by Song of the Serpent followed by hymn to Hekate twice daily, along with mini meditations during the day. Clove incense burnt as a votive offering along with a prayer to Hekate for help in this area whilst focusing on the Moon Sigil.  Water visualisation including hearing gentle waves and feeling warm water surrounding me.   
Result: Nothing. 
After receiving your advice that the Pillar and Spheres and Song of the Serpent can be energising, and the tips you gave re keeping an Amethyst beside the bed and visualising sound sleep, I carried out the following modification:
Modification 1: Pillar and Spheres and Song of the Serpent done in the morning only.  Mini visualisations throughout the day of me sleeping peacefully throughout the night.  Evening meditation using vase breath and visualising peaceful sleep.  Kept an Amethyst wand beside the bed.
Result:  Improved sleep, only waking 3 or 4 times during the night.
Modification 2: I remembered your advice re Earth being more stable than water, which is changeable, and incorporated this.  This ritual was the same as modification 1, but with the addition of when I go to bed I visualise walking through a forest and going into a clearing, where I see a patch of earth that looks so comfortable and I know is just right for me. Then I sink into the warm earth, until I become totally absorbed into it and become part of the earth... solid... stable... connected to everything... very safe and secure.
Result: Several nights’ undisturbed sleep, with only one night where I woke once only.
Thanks for the tips Jason, they made all the difference.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



New Cycle starts going out March 1st.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Fifth Statement

The fifth statement of Strategic Sorcery says:

Systems of magic can be broken down into symbol sets, and tech. Symbol sets are usually dependent on culture, time, tradition, and sometimes only available through initiation. Using a symbol set outside of its culture, or initiatory stream can sometimes be difficult, disrespectful, or even downright dangerous. Tech on the other hand works just because it works, and thus can be looked and examined from outside of any specific tradition. In this way you can find the most effective techniques without falling into the trap of making an eclectic mess.

Why has "eclectic" become a dirty word amongst many serious occultists? Because people have become wild, frantic, shallow, and disrespectful about the appropriation of cultural symbol sets. I have met people that claim to be actual priests of various gods and goddesses who know nothing beyond what they could find on Wikipedia. I have been to ridiculous rituals where every god and goddess that they could think of was invoked into the same quarter, as if the quantity would somehow make it more powerful. I have seen Magicians invoke the Orishas instead of the Archangels in the LBRP, and nearly get killed by the fallout. I have witnessed countless witches and magicians adopt the trappings of culture after culture in their supposed quest for wisdom, only to end up doing little more than redecorating their bedroom.

Wicca and Thelema seem to be some of the worst offenders of this. So many systems of "Thelemic X" and "X Wicca". Over the last decade I have encountered at least three brands of Thelemic Buddhism, two of Thelemic Vodou, Thelemic Taoism, Thelemic Shintoism, Thelemic Palo, Thelemic Atheism, etc. Llewellyn at one time seemed to produce nothing but books titled Scottish, Welsh, Egyptian, Hindu, whatever Wicca.
In cases where the system is essentially dead (not representing a strong facet of the mainstream culture) its bad enough, but imagine what it must be like to be a Priest of Kali who has devoted their whole life to studying the mysteries of the goddess, to serving a community and a temple; only to come accross some Western IRAB (I Read A Book) that read a book who makes the same claim.

The irony is that it was exactly what is wrong about most (but not all) of these that made me realize the fifth statement. In almost all of these examples the ritual format is purely Thelemic or Wiccan. Casting of circles, banishing with pentagrams, calling of quarters, wands, chalices, athame's, every stictch of technique, spell, protocol, and set up is exactly the same except for the names and symbols that they grabbed from whatever foreign system makes them feel more exotic at the moment. The problem is that when they grab them, they ignore the history, myth, and protocols that were built up around these symbols and names, making them at best disrespectful and at worst dangerous applications.

If you reverse this process though, the same is not the case. Tech is tech, and a style of offering used in say Tibetan Bon, might work well in Vodou or Thelema. It might not, but thats what experimentation is all about. Sam Webster is hip to this which is why rather than silly rituals invoking "Horus the Bodhisattva" to "Liberate us from the Samsara of the Old Aeon", he is applying Tibetan Tech like the visualization of Diety Fields, Generation of Mandala Palaces etc, to the Thelemic Symbol Set. Bravo Mr Webster, a fellow Chthonic Auranian.

The Strategic Sorceress may indeed engage in multiple symbol sets: its a small world after all, and cultures collide, but she will do so intelligently, respectfully, and minimally. That same Sorceresss will however be a voracious devourer or magical tech always seeking new methods and processes.

I consider this point to have a sort of sub-point which is: The further along the path the Sorcerer goes, all symbol sets become increasingly less important until replaced by only reality itself.

I may comment further on that one in the future.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Lecture at Thelesis Lodge Philadelphia

Saturday March 13th 6pm
Cost: Free!
Contact Thelesis Lodge for details
Lodge Voice Mail: (215) 552-8808
Lodge Email:

Ensorcelling: The Occult Arts of Influence and Persuasion

There is no more quintessential power of the Sorcerer than the ability to influence the mind of another. "Charmed", "enchanted", "spellbound",
"fascinated" and "ensorcelled" are all terms that once indicated occult
influence but now have become common expressions in English for people acting
out of obsession with, or under the control of, someone or something. In this
class Jason will present an approach to the arts of influence and persuasion
that seamlessly blends magic, marketing, and conversational hypnosis to get real
results. Techniques to be used in the temple and in the field, as well as a
discussion of the ethics of influence will be presented. Whether you plan to use
these techniques to get ahead in business, in bed, or just to know when they are
being used against you, make sure you bring something to take notes with because
this class will be one that you look back on over and over again.

Jason Miller, also called Inominandum is the author of "The Sorcerer's Secrets,
Strategies in Practical Magick" and "Protection and Reversal Magick, A Witches
Defense Manual", both from New Page Press, as well as the Strategic Sorcery
Blog. He has written articles for "Behutet" and "The Cauldron" magazines. He is
also the creator of the STRATEGIC SORCERY TRAINING, a One Year Boot Camp in
Practical Magick.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fourth Statement of Strategic Sorcery

Continuing our exploration of the Statements of Strategic Sorcery: The Fourth Statement of Strategic Sorcery is:

The Sorcerer should maintain a balance between temple magic and magic done in the field or on the fly. By using both the magic of the circle and ceremony, as well as magic performed right in the workplace, nightclub, bedroom, courthouse, or street, your magic will be more effective,

This one is pretty self explanatory, and I don't have all that much more to say on the topic other than what is said in the statement itself.

The great majority of magicians and witches I have worked with over the years focus almost exclusively on Temple Magic, which can be defined as magic that takes place at a special time and place separated from other activities. This includes anything from Church rituals, to Circles cast in the Woods, to Spells done in the Bedroom in the middle of the night.

Field magic is defined as magic performed in the course of your ordinary activities, usually clandestinely. This includes everything from arranging an office for a meeting in a way that will give you the psychic advantage, to dusting bend over powder on a target, to simply meditating on your breath at your desk to reinforce gnosis.

The best strategies play both of these together. Apart from whatever links you use in your temple work, by following it up with embedded commands with the boss, or taking your date back to a bedroom imbued with Lunar and Venusian energies you are making that link even stronger. If you are summoning Tzadkiel to help a business, have him consecrate some sieals that you can put up around the place, and some powders that you can spread at the doorway.

By preparing ahead of time, you make sure that whatever you do in the field can launch seamlessly. There would be nothing worse than trying to do a lot of visible magick in a courtroom where you are on trial, but if you make a few gestures to release the power of what you cooked up the night before, or just chewed your galangal root that have already been prayed over and wiped some spit on the court docs without any flourish or special words, it will all go much smoother.

Whenever planning any strategy, always look for ways to work field magic into it. If you have always worked primarily in the temple, you will be amazed at the results you can manage when you take your magic to the street.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SS Field Report #2

This one was submitted my one of my students,  and posted here with permission. I am exceedingly proud to see the stuff I am teaching in the course being used so skillfully and even more pleased that it is yielding the kind or results for others that it yields for me. His words are in bold itallics, my comments at the bottom are in normal font.

 Here it is:

A little background: There's a young woman at work who I have been attracted to but felt was out of my league because of her younger age and good looks. She never showed any interest in me.

I received the second part of lesson 12 and read it in the morning before work. I saved the seals attachment to my computer and split them into separate files; one for each seal. I figured out the order and labeled them. I went to work, saw the young lady in question and decided to put the seal of Venus to a test.

For the ritual materials, I printed out the seal of Venus, gathered seven white unscented tea light candles and a stick of rose incense all of which I already had. I wanted a fine unscented powder and asked a lady friend for a recommendation. She gave me some unscented facial powder from a package that she had not opened yet.

Before bed, I set the seven tea lights in a circle on the floor seven feet in diameter. Within the circle, I placed a serving tray in the center with the seal and incense on it. I sprinkled the facial powder around the seal so that I could still see it. I lit the candles and incense.

I stood before the alter and called out "Hekas Hekas Este Babeloi!" while clapping three times above my head. I then performed the Centering Exercise and the Rending of Space Exercise on pages 42-43 of TSS.

I sat on the floor, looked at the seal with a relaxed gaze and started Vase breathing. On the out breath I vibrated the EH vowel repeatedly until I felt tranced enough. I then visualized the seal expanding until I could step thru it to the planet Venus. I recited the "Summoning the Seducer" invocation from memory (TSS pages 171-172). With that done I opened my hands toward the seal, projected my will and recited the Venus consecration (TSS pages 179-180). I folded the seal inclosing the powder closed the ritual and went to bed.

The next day, Wednesday, I put the talisman/powder in a zip lock bag and went to work. I waited until she was away from her desk and no one was looking, and blew a little powder over her chair and keyboard/mouse. I put the seal in my wallet. Later, I ran into the her in the employee lounge and found it easy to strike up a conversation with her. I worked at projecting confidence and detached intensity. It seemed to go well and I left it at that.

The next day, Thursday, I talked to her some more and found out she was interested in seeing a movie that I was also interested in. I suggested a date for Friday night and she said yes.

Friday morning, I repeated the above ritual without the powder. I went to work, we talked some more and made arrangements. I followed the tip on pages 185-186 TSS: dinner at one place, movie at a second and coffee/desert at a third.

We had a great time and I have invited her to a Super Bowl party a friend and I are throwing.

Ba da bing ba da boom!

As we will do with all of these, a quick run down of the tech:

  • Starts out with a good goal: tougher than he would normally be able to accomplish on his own, but not ridiculously improbable. He is looking to snag a date with a younger hotter girl, not have Megan Fox ring his doorbell.
  • Stared with Temple Magic using the Summoning of the Seducer to make himself more attractive to her which is indirect influence, or  as they say, "Inner Game".
  • Still in the Venusian temple, he empowered  a Seal and Powder for use in direct influence. 
  • The next day he moves into Field Magic mode and plants the powder where she will come into contact with it
  • He keeps the Consecrated Venus Seal on his person as a Talisman. This has both direct and indirect influencing properties. 
  • He querries the target and finds common ground, a movie in this case, than takes charge of the situation and suggests a date. 
  • The Day of the Date he goes back into Temple Magic mode and repeats the ritual. He takes charge and makes all the arrangements for the date which shows confidence and leadership. This is a way of DHV (displaying higher value).
  • Since subconscious mind tends to view separate locations each as thier own event (ie: date) he creates a false sense of shared history by Event Stacking. 
Equally important is what he did not do. He did not overload himself with too much tech. This is important. In TSS I give a lot more tech than what he used, and as the course proceeds the number of options at his disposal will be truly staggering. The thing is that if you load up on too many spells and techniques there is no room left for spontaneity.  He chose just a few things to use, which was 100% correct. Any more and he would have overloaded the situation, and quite possibly himself. 

It is important to remember that if he decides he wants to move into a real relationship with this woman he will probably use less and less tech, especially after having sex the first time. It is our features and value that make us attractive to others, but paradoxically it is often our flaws that make us lovable. Too much tech and you run the risk of never being open, too little and you might never get your foot in the door in the first place. 

Excellent work!

Postmodern Magic

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you look over to the right of your screen you will see that a new blog has been added to the list of blogs I like to read: Postmodern Magic, The Art of Magic in the Information Age. The blog is by Patrick Dunn, a poet, linguist, and author of the book "Postmodern Magic, The Art of Magic in the Information Age", and the more recent "Magic, Power, Language, Symbol, A Magician's Exploration of Linguistics".

I have his first book, and am looking forward to reading the new one. His blog is filled with great gems from insights into occult-related news stories to mini articles on all kinds of magic. His recent post on the nature of Daath for instance is right on the money: it is the space left by a fallen Malkuth. This is a point that almost never gets covered anywhere, yet is so obvious just from looking at the tree glyph itself: if you swing malkuth up using Hod and Netzack as pivots it lands right in Daath and produces a perfectly symmetrical tree.

Anyway, I have been going through back posts, and there are lots of great little gems, so check it out.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Strategic Sorcery Manifesto Point Three States:

Most systems of magic do not maintain a balance between the three levels of Material, Energetic/Astral, and Divine/Causal level. By making sure you hit all these points, your magic will be more effective.

I outlined this pretty well I think in The Sorcerers Secrets. If you havent read that yet (for shame...) here is a basic ruin down on what I mean.

NOTE: Below is an edited down  form of the chapter in the book with a different last paragraph. If you already know the material from the book, just skip down to the last paragraph. 

Most ancient systems presented a view of reality consisting of various layers emanating from the highest and most subtle divine realms to the most dense and material world that we experience every day. Since the movement from the subtle to the material is not really a system of different and distinct layers but rather a seamless spectrum, you can find many ways of dividing it up. The more attention to detail you look for, the more layers you will see. Some of these systems entail dozens of layers and sub-layers giving quite detailed descriptions of the role and potential of each. For our purposes we can rely upon a simple three level system, such as the one presented in the Chaldean Oracles.

The Oracles are a set of 2nd century Pagan Gnostic texts that have been an inspiration to magicians and mystics for centuries. They speak of the universe as consisting of Empyrian, Aetherial, and Material worlds. This simple system is loosely mirrored in the Celestial, Moral, and Mundane triads of the tree of life and the Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya of Tibetan Buddhism. Franz Bardon, posited a similar three world system of the Akashic, Astral, and Physical planes. It is important to realize that these levels exist not only as different layers of the external world, but as sheathes of our own being, each more subtle than the last. We can forsake arcane terms like Akashic, Empyrian, Material and just call them Level 1, 2, and 3.

Level 3 is the material world that we exist within. It contains within it three levels of its own: non-living, living, and etheric substance. Non living substance is not only matter that we see around us such as concrete and such, but electricity and magnetism and other energies that can be measured with scientific instruments. Living substance counts not only as flesh and bone, but bio-energy. Etheric substance acts as a bridge between level 3 and level 2. Within the mind, this is the home of emotions and lower mechanistic thoughts and responses.

Level 2 is the Aetherial realm. It is the world of the subtle elements of pure fire, water, air, and earth. At the lower end of this level is the home of the astral body and an innumerable population of spirits. Here too is the origin of the subtle energy that has many names: prana, chi, lung, odic force, witch-power, and so on. At the higher end of level 2 are Archetypes, Planetary Intelligences, Angels as well as the lower mythic aspects of various Gods, Goddesses, and other subtle beings that despite their spiritual nature display ego clinging. Within the mind, level 2 is the realm of thought, ego, and logic. At the higher end of the spectrum is the intuition, clairvoyance and the beginnings of transcendence and transpersonal characteristics.

Level 1 is the Emyrian, Divine, or Akashic Realm. The Gods here exist in their highest and most cosmic transcendent nature. There is no hint at this level of the classic mythology that tells of fights and affairs between the gods and which sometimes make the pantheons sound like dysfunctional families. No, here we are beyond all that and dealing instead with cosmic and the causal forces. Within the mind this manifests as the gnosis of non-duality and the radiance of primordial unencumbered awareness. The perfection of perfection. Level 3 is both the highest rung on the ladder, and the material from which the ladder itself is made.
Anyone that has taken the time to study different methods of magick that have arisen in different cultures knows that there are drastic differences in their modes of operation and different points that are stressed. Looking at these in the context of the three layers mentioned above can be very helpful in determining how a given ritual or spell works, and how it can work better.

In Hoodoo for instance, most spells are operated by appealing directly to Level 1 through prayer and invocation, than channeling that directly into the Material world of Level 3 in the form of Oils, Powders, Candles, etc. While they do sometimes work with spirits, there is very little in Hoodoo about working with energies of the body or astral forms, so we can say that level 2 is of less concern to the Rootworker. In Golden Dawn style ceremonial magick there is also an emphasis on the Empyrian Realm of level 1 through prayer and invocation, but the Aetherial realms of level 2 are also very prominent in the taking of astral forms and channeling of energy through visualizations of pentagrams and such. The Material component of level 3 is present in the use of specialized tools, but over all it is not as stressed as it is in Hoodoo and other types of folk-magick. Certain Taoist types of magick pay very little attention to level 1 and focus on the Aetherial channeling of Qi (energy) through the body and into material bases like talismans and such.

Some types of magick focus on one realm almost exclusively. Prayer for instance appeals purely to level 1, but can be amazingly powerful when done by either a gifted priest or a large group. Psionics focuses almost entirely on level 2 and the manipulation of Psi energy. Other disciplines like Raja Yoga feature a balance of all three levels but are focused only on individual enlightenment and have no emphasis on sorcery.

I had never encountered a really balanced system of Sorcery until I started studying Tibetan Magick. It was only through that study that I was able to realize that getting all three levels to work in union, greatly increased the potential for success and the level of success gained.

I have from time to time been able to advise people on spells that have failed, or to witness ritual work that doesn’t manifest successfully. This is almost always due to a failing of understanding the role of one of these three layers. For instance I have seen several pagan and ceremonial rituals raise quite a lot of level 2 energy aimed for a specific purpose, which is just sort of released at the end of the rite hoping it will hit its target. If these folks instead channeled it into a material object such as a talisman or powder that could be given to or planted near the target it would give the energy a path to run along. Similarly I have seen people take meticulous care with the mixing of a proper oil or mojo bag but not make any real effort to pray fervently or channel any energy into it, and so end up with spiritually “dead” materials.

When planning a working, level 1, 2, and 3 should all be present to some degree. Level one provides wisdom and access to the non-dualistic powers that are at the very basis of reality itself. By meditation, trance, and devotional prayers you will grow to understand the fabric of reality itself and thus how to bend its normal rules.

Level two provides energies that will power your sorcery like a battery. You can either use your own energy, or the energy of anything around you, from the path of the sun, to the magnetic poles, to the stars, to the elements themselves. These can be channeled through your body like a yogi or martial artist would do, or they can be linked directly to something else and released on their own. This is also the level that is worked with to facilitate contact with spirits through evocation and offering.

Level three will ground your magick and help it manifest physically. Even if it only a candle or a stick of incense, some material component to any ritual will help it gain a foothold onto this reality. There is a school of thought tends to treat any ritual components as dispensable props with no inherent value in and of themselves because magick is “all in the mind”. Don’t buy into it. Mind is important but magicians, witches, and sorcerers meticulously recorded their formulas over the centuries for a reason. To disregard them out of hand in favor of a modern fad is just a bit disrespectful.

That’s not to say that magick is not “material tolerant”, any advanced practitioner knows how to make replacements and substitutions for everything from hard to get herbs to golden goetic seals. However, if you do the best you can with your materials; it will show in your results.

It is also important to know how the three levels play out in our own persona. As I said above: the material level of course is your physical body and also the base, chemical driven passions, which should be kept in decent shape if the more subtle energies of level 2 are to be drawn through it. Level 2 is the astral body with channels, subtle winds, and seeds as well as the higher psyche which rides upon these energies. Level 1 is your higher self, divine nature, and primordial awareness, the very base of your being. All three need to function in union if you are to be a successful sorcerer. People that focus exclusively on level 3 become slaves to the base passions and physical needs. People that work only on developing the energies of level 2 or without the ennobling influences of level 1, often develop various emotional problems and in rare cases physical ailments from energetic imbalances. People that work only on level 1 tend to lose focus of the material world and get “lost in the clouds” so to speak.

Exploring the role of all three levels of magic is integral to streamlining your magic and making it better. There are many benefits of practicing within a firmly established tradition with centuries of history and work behind it. One of the advantages of not working within one of these more or less static traditions is the ability to make decisions for yourself about how you do just about everything. When those decision are based on nebulous ideas of "whatever feels right" we are lost, because usually what feels right is what is in the comfort zone and reinforces who you already are and what you already think. When those decisions are based on real observation of what works and how well it works, than the lesson of the Three Levels can really be put to use in making your magic more effective.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ask A Sorcerer- Wicked Faire

Just got the schedule and I will be doing "Ask a Sorcerer" at Wicked Faire from 1pm-2:30pm on Saturday Feb 20.

Clutterbusting and magic

Read this Article on Clutterbusting.

What does this have to do with magic? Nothing, except that when you are designing your life through strategic sorcery you have to design the environment that much of it happens in. Extending the article past the physical into the etheric and astral planes, what could you be doing differently? What are you overdoing? What are you doing that could be done better? What should you stop doing?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strategic Sorcery Training: New Cycle Starting on March 1st!


If you are looking for measurable success with through magic, and not just fantasy attainments...

If you want to not only improve your spiritual life, but your financial and love life as well...

If you want real magic that works in the real world, than this may be the training for you.

Before I even wrote my first book, people have been asking me to present a complete and graduated system of magic as I practice it. At the end of last year I did just that and presented the Strategic Sorcery Training Course.

Due to the overwhelming response I am re-starting the class for a new cycle of students. This new cycle will start on March 1st and will consist of 52 lessons, which will arrive via e-mail each week.  There will be one homework assignment per month, but no time limit on when those need to be completed – you work at your own pace.

This course jumps off from where my book, "The Sorcerer's Secrets" leaves off, and teaches very detailed steps for attaining just about any goal. Though the first cycle of student are only ¼ of the way through the course, people are already getting great results.
The following are some comments from students on the material thus far:

"The exercises set are easy to follow yet produce results remarkably quickly.  From the beginning initiation ritual I have experienced more results than on any other course... its like I’ve been super-charged.   My channeling is coming through thick and fast, my healing abilities have increased and, in life in general, I feel more centered, balanced and content with life. 
- Sue
"Through the Strategic Sorcery course, I have learned to change the way I do certain things and feel that now I am finally walking the magickal path that I was meant to be on."
- Rev. Jay K.

"Though we haven't even gotten very far in the course, I have already used material from the course in workings that have increased my income. After 12 years doing other types of magic, Strategic Sorcery has been a revelation!

The meditations, especially the Pillar and Spheres, has brought me back into being in synch with time. Not rushing ahead or lagging behind, but being right there in the moment. And that is a Really Big Deal to me. I have gained---I kid you not----three to four hours a day. That's exactly what it feels like. I am getting things done like you wouldn't believe. I feel like I'm coming back home to my Self.
- Susan

The Lesson on Thought Management alone was enough for me to overcome my fear of rejection and ask out the girl I have been obsessing over for months. We have been going out for three weeks now. This course is making a big difference in my life.   

Honestly, I wish it had been around when I was a baby Mage. Jason's books, lectures, and course have something that a lot of other magical practices lack: Common Sense. If you are working Magic for cash and prizes then it is results that matter here. Results that don't bite you in the ass. Most practitioners get bit not from some Faustian pact, or constant barrages of magical attack, but because they don't know how to follow through. Jason interweaves a good dose of life skills in with his magical practice, and the common sense that you have to WORK for what you want to accomplish!
- Joseph Scangarella 

I’ve been work the personal alchemy aspect of ceremonial magick for twenty years, Jason’s course has grounded my ethereal dreams into solid practical workings.
You won’t complete Jason’s class wondering if you’ve done real magick. You won’t leave asking, “Did I really feel that?” You will know that you have done something extraordinary.    
-Robert Hager
Ceremonial Magician and Blogger of Doing Magick

The only requirements for the course are that you be over 18 years of age, have access to e-mail, and a copy of “The Sorcerer’s Secrets, Strategies in Practical Magick”. There will be many other books that are recommended throughout the course, but this will be the only one that is required. Those that complete the class and the homework will be eligible for special classes and activities to take place in the future.

Because we are still in the early stages of this course, I am offering it at the same price as I did in the Fall:

$100 for all 52 Lessons. That is less than 2 dollars a lesson!

This is the last time that the course will be available at this special price.

To sign up for the class write me at and put STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE as the subject line. You will then be given a student number and further instructions.

Payment can be made through PayPal to or sent via check or money order to:

Jason Miller
Barnegat, NJ 08005

If you have been looking for a way to improve your life both your inner life and outer circumstance, than I hope to hear from you soon. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Strategic Sorcery in Case Study # 1

A new feature here at the blog are reports of Strategic Sorcery Case Studies. I will be posting examples from my own life periodically, but want to open it up to others to send in their submissions as well.

Send a full write up of a tale for me to post, and I will pop it up either anonymously or with your name attached.

These will be indexed and available for anyone that wants to see examples of magic that worked.

So here is example #1:

Yesterday I was on my way to the Protection and Security Intensive in Dover DE and was doing about 83MPH down RT 295. Apparently my Osel Chenma card was not strong enough to hide me from the fuzz because I soon found myself pulled over.

First, after parking the vehicle and opening the windows, I immediately place my hands on the steering wheel to set the officers mind at ease about me possibly having a weapon or hurriedly hiding something. Next I visualize Kurukulla at my heart and begin doing her mantra to tap into her enchanting powers. When the officer comes over I look him in the eyes and begin to mentally send the lights from the mantra out from my central channel into his. At the same time I immediately apologize for speeding. I do not give any excuse, they have heard them all anyway. I simply say "Sorry officer, I am having a bit of a rough morning and wasn't watching my speed". This offers a reason, but not an excuse - the difference is important. It also happens to be true. I noted that his eyes shot to the right for a moment, which could (this does not work the same for everyone) indicate that he is accessing visual memory and perhaps identifying with my plight.

He asks for me license, insurance and registration, which I reach over to the glove compartment and get in an orderly manner and in such a way that he can see my hands the whole time. He asks if there are any moving violations on my licence. I tell him about the right on red that I made a year and half ago. Again, there is never a reason to lie about this: if he doesn't know already from running the plate, he will know if he runs the license. The only reason for him to even ask is to see if I tell the truth or try to get one over on him.

I than decide to use an embedded command. Because police officers are typically very intuitively sensitive to being manipulated, I decide NOT to embed my command in a trick statement. So I simply ask. "I understand if you can't do it,  but do you think you could let me go?" The last three words were the embedded command: I saw those words form in the heart and they were spoke in a slightly deeper tone than the rest of the sentence, I saw them leave my mouth and enter the officer on the same philotic line that I was sending the Kurukulla mantra through.

He immediately handed me back my documents without ever running them, told me to watch my speed and hoped that this is the start of my day getting better.

 So to re-cap. The methods used all in the space of a few minutes:

  • Emotional control: cut through any thought of anger or unfairness that I was pulled over. These would be unproductive feelings, and besides, I did actually deserve it. 
  • Body control: in this case adopting movements and postures that send a message of respect to the officer and also place him at ease so that he is more receptive to my case.
  • Access to Level 1: this case through the mental invocation of Kurukulla.
  • Patterning of energy on Level 2: In this case through the generation and sending of the mantra.
  • Skilled Observation: checking the eyes and other facial expressions to see if he would be amenable to my plight. 
  • Embedded Command: in this case the command was in a question that asked directly for what I wanted. 

So, was it the Body Language and working of the Social Dynamic that did it, or was it the magick? Maybe it wasn't either, and the cop was just a nice guy doing a nice thing. He clearly was more emotionally fulfilled by letting me go than by giving me the ticket.

To me, it doesn't much matter. All of these things played a part. It only mattered that I was on my way, and that he didn't give me a ticket.