Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Lecture at Thelesis Lodge Philadelphia

Saturday March 13th 6pm
Cost: Free!
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Lodge Voice Mail: (215) 552-8808
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Ensorcelling: The Occult Arts of Influence and Persuasion

There is no more quintessential power of the Sorcerer than the ability to influence the mind of another. "Charmed", "enchanted", "spellbound",
"fascinated" and "ensorcelled" are all terms that once indicated occult
influence but now have become common expressions in English for people acting
out of obsession with, or under the control of, someone or something. In this
class Jason will present an approach to the arts of influence and persuasion
that seamlessly blends magic, marketing, and conversational hypnosis to get real
results. Techniques to be used in the temple and in the field, as well as a
discussion of the ethics of influence will be presented. Whether you plan to use
these techniques to get ahead in business, in bed, or just to know when they are
being used against you, make sure you bring something to take notes with because
this class will be one that you look back on over and over again.

Jason Miller, also called Inominandum is the author of "The Sorcerer's Secrets,
Strategies in Practical Magick" and "Protection and Reversal Magick, A Witches
Defense Manual", both from New Page Press, as well as the Strategic Sorcery
Blog. He has written articles for "Behutet" and "The Cauldron" magazines. He is
also the creator of the STRATEGIC SORCERY TRAINING, a One Year Boot Camp in
Practical Magick.

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