Sunday, February 28, 2010

Strategic Sorcery Field Report # 3 - Sleep Issues

Here is another one from a student of mine. 

Name: Velvet Acantha
Issue: Interrupted sleep - falling asleep quickly but waking every hour consistently through the night for several weeks.
Ritual: Pillar and the Spheres followed by Song of the Serpent followed by hymn to Hekate twice daily, along with mini meditations during the day. Clove incense burnt as a votive offering along with a prayer to Hekate for help in this area whilst focusing on the Moon Sigil.  Water visualisation including hearing gentle waves and feeling warm water surrounding me.   
Result: Nothing. 
After receiving your advice that the Pillar and Spheres and Song of the Serpent can be energising, and the tips you gave re keeping an Amethyst beside the bed and visualising sound sleep, I carried out the following modification:
Modification 1: Pillar and Spheres and Song of the Serpent done in the morning only.  Mini visualisations throughout the day of me sleeping peacefully throughout the night.  Evening meditation using vase breath and visualising peaceful sleep.  Kept an Amethyst wand beside the bed.
Result:  Improved sleep, only waking 3 or 4 times during the night.
Modification 2: I remembered your advice re Earth being more stable than water, which is changeable, and incorporated this.  This ritual was the same as modification 1, but with the addition of when I go to bed I visualise walking through a forest and going into a clearing, where I see a patch of earth that looks so comfortable and I know is just right for me. Then I sink into the warm earth, until I become totally absorbed into it and become part of the earth... solid... stable... connected to everything... very safe and secure.
Result: Several nights’ undisturbed sleep, with only one night where I woke once only.
Thanks for the tips Jason, they made all the difference.

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