Monday, February 1, 2010

Strategic Sorcery in Case Study # 1

A new feature here at the blog are reports of Strategic Sorcery Case Studies. I will be posting examples from my own life periodically, but want to open it up to others to send in their submissions as well.

Send a full write up of a tale for me to post, and I will pop it up either anonymously or with your name attached.

These will be indexed and available for anyone that wants to see examples of magic that worked.

So here is example #1:

Yesterday I was on my way to the Protection and Security Intensive in Dover DE and was doing about 83MPH down RT 295. Apparently my Osel Chenma card was not strong enough to hide me from the fuzz because I soon found myself pulled over.

First, after parking the vehicle and opening the windows, I immediately place my hands on the steering wheel to set the officers mind at ease about me possibly having a weapon or hurriedly hiding something. Next I visualize Kurukulla at my heart and begin doing her mantra to tap into her enchanting powers. When the officer comes over I look him in the eyes and begin to mentally send the lights from the mantra out from my central channel into his. At the same time I immediately apologize for speeding. I do not give any excuse, they have heard them all anyway. I simply say "Sorry officer, I am having a bit of a rough morning and wasn't watching my speed". This offers a reason, but not an excuse - the difference is important. It also happens to be true. I noted that his eyes shot to the right for a moment, which could (this does not work the same for everyone) indicate that he is accessing visual memory and perhaps identifying with my plight.

He asks for me license, insurance and registration, which I reach over to the glove compartment and get in an orderly manner and in such a way that he can see my hands the whole time. He asks if there are any moving violations on my licence. I tell him about the right on red that I made a year and half ago. Again, there is never a reason to lie about this: if he doesn't know already from running the plate, he will know if he runs the license. The only reason for him to even ask is to see if I tell the truth or try to get one over on him.

I than decide to use an embedded command. Because police officers are typically very intuitively sensitive to being manipulated, I decide NOT to embed my command in a trick statement. So I simply ask. "I understand if you can't do it,  but do you think you could let me go?" The last three words were the embedded command: I saw those words form in the heart and they were spoke in a slightly deeper tone than the rest of the sentence, I saw them leave my mouth and enter the officer on the same philotic line that I was sending the Kurukulla mantra through.

He immediately handed me back my documents without ever running them, told me to watch my speed and hoped that this is the start of my day getting better.

 So to re-cap. The methods used all in the space of a few minutes:

  • Emotional control: cut through any thought of anger or unfairness that I was pulled over. These would be unproductive feelings, and besides, I did actually deserve it. 
  • Body control: in this case adopting movements and postures that send a message of respect to the officer and also place him at ease so that he is more receptive to my case.
  • Access to Level 1: this case through the mental invocation of Kurukulla.
  • Patterning of energy on Level 2: In this case through the generation and sending of the mantra.
  • Skilled Observation: checking the eyes and other facial expressions to see if he would be amenable to my plight. 
  • Embedded Command: in this case the command was in a question that asked directly for what I wanted. 

So, was it the Body Language and working of the Social Dynamic that did it, or was it the magick? Maybe it wasn't either, and the cop was just a nice guy doing a nice thing. He clearly was more emotionally fulfilled by letting me go than by giving me the ticket.

To me, it doesn't much matter. All of these things played a part. It only mattered that I was on my way, and that he didn't give me a ticket.

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That Bene Gesserit witch used the Voice on him!