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SS Field Report #2

This one was submitted my one of my students,  and posted here with permission. I am exceedingly proud to see the stuff I am teaching in the course being used so skillfully and even more pleased that it is yielding the kind or results for others that it yields for me. His words are in bold itallics, my comments at the bottom are in normal font.

 Here it is:

A little background: There's a young woman at work who I have been attracted to but felt was out of my league because of her younger age and good looks. She never showed any interest in me.

I received the second part of lesson 12 and read it in the morning before work. I saved the seals attachment to my computer and split them into separate files; one for each seal. I figured out the order and labeled them. I went to work, saw the young lady in question and decided to put the seal of Venus to a test.

For the ritual materials, I printed out the seal of Venus, gathered seven white unscented tea light candles and a stick of rose incense all of which I already had. I wanted a fine unscented powder and asked a lady friend for a recommendation. She gave me some unscented facial powder from a package that she had not opened yet.

Before bed, I set the seven tea lights in a circle on the floor seven feet in diameter. Within the circle, I placed a serving tray in the center with the seal and incense on it. I sprinkled the facial powder around the seal so that I could still see it. I lit the candles and incense.

I stood before the alter and called out "Hekas Hekas Este Babeloi!" while clapping three times above my head. I then performed the Centering Exercise and the Rending of Space Exercise on pages 42-43 of TSS.

I sat on the floor, looked at the seal with a relaxed gaze and started Vase breathing. On the out breath I vibrated the EH vowel repeatedly until I felt tranced enough. I then visualized the seal expanding until I could step thru it to the planet Venus. I recited the "Summoning the Seducer" invocation from memory (TSS pages 171-172). With that done I opened my hands toward the seal, projected my will and recited the Venus consecration (TSS pages 179-180). I folded the seal inclosing the powder closed the ritual and went to bed.

The next day, Wednesday, I put the talisman/powder in a zip lock bag and went to work. I waited until she was away from her desk and no one was looking, and blew a little powder over her chair and keyboard/mouse. I put the seal in my wallet. Later, I ran into the her in the employee lounge and found it easy to strike up a conversation with her. I worked at projecting confidence and detached intensity. It seemed to go well and I left it at that.

The next day, Thursday, I talked to her some more and found out she was interested in seeing a movie that I was also interested in. I suggested a date for Friday night and she said yes.

Friday morning, I repeated the above ritual without the powder. I went to work, we talked some more and made arrangements. I followed the tip on pages 185-186 TSS: dinner at one place, movie at a second and coffee/desert at a third.

We had a great time and I have invited her to a Super Bowl party a friend and I are throwing.

Ba da bing ba da boom!

As we will do with all of these, a quick run down of the tech:

  • Starts out with a good goal: tougher than he would normally be able to accomplish on his own, but not ridiculously improbable. He is looking to snag a date with a younger hotter girl, not have Megan Fox ring his doorbell.
  • Stared with Temple Magic using the Summoning of the Seducer to make himself more attractive to her which is indirect influence, or  as they say, "Inner Game".
  • Still in the Venusian temple, he empowered  a Seal and Powder for use in direct influence. 
  • The next day he moves into Field Magic mode and plants the powder where she will come into contact with it
  • He keeps the Consecrated Venus Seal on his person as a Talisman. This has both direct and indirect influencing properties. 
  • He querries the target and finds common ground, a movie in this case, than takes charge of the situation and suggests a date. 
  • The Day of the Date he goes back into Temple Magic mode and repeats the ritual. He takes charge and makes all the arrangements for the date which shows confidence and leadership. This is a way of DHV (displaying higher value).
  • Since subconscious mind tends to view separate locations each as thier own event (ie: date) he creates a false sense of shared history by Event Stacking. 
Equally important is what he did not do. He did not overload himself with too much tech. This is important. In TSS I give a lot more tech than what he used, and as the course proceeds the number of options at his disposal will be truly staggering. The thing is that if you load up on too many spells and techniques there is no room left for spontaneity.  He chose just a few things to use, which was 100% correct. Any more and he would have overloaded the situation, and quite possibly himself. 

It is important to remember that if he decides he wants to move into a real relationship with this woman he will probably use less and less tech, especially after having sex the first time. It is our features and value that make us attractive to others, but paradoxically it is often our flaws that make us lovable. Too much tech and you run the risk of never being open, too little and you might never get your foot in the door in the first place. 

Excellent work!


k. sequoia said...

Great example of the process. There is a fine line between takig repsonsibslity for one's life and utilizing magic, and making magic the excuse, or scapegoat.

Congrats, Jason, and FR #2 dude!


Anonymous said...

If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.............................................

Gabriele said...

What if the receiver of the love spell who is not aware of the magic involved does not find the magician's flaws so loveable at all but finds them intolerable wondering why on earth s/he is together with a person whose behaviour s/he actually dislikes strongly.
This happened to me once. The person was a messie, someone who believed in and liked a lot of things I simply did not believe in or liked. Because of his strong will-power he initially brought me to do a lot of the things HE liked. And he told me that I actually liked some of them - obviously since he was able to talk me into them - and because I had - at least initially - only a small dislike against them. Of course the dislike increased over time. It was a not so nice experience with a lot of aversion and anger being produced over the course of many months. I did not ask to be drawn into this 'love' game in the first place. Perhaps interesting to know that the two 'love' relationships/partnerships he had beforehand and afterwards ended up with the women getting very angry at him. So it was not only me who had to deal with a lot of frustration and anger.
I find such manipulative behaviour from the side of the magician highly irresponsible.
Such egocentricity (wishing good for oneself mainly) is also not good for the magician herself/himself and can only lead to disappointing relationships and in fact a growing inability to relate to people appropriately. I strongly believe that it is much better if a partnership is based on mutual liking/affection right from the start rather than the magician - motivated by his desire and wanting - drawing someone into his/her magical circle who would have otherwise not shown praticular affection towards the magician. It is said that one makes oneself unhappy if one marries - i.e. has sex with - someone one feels no affection for.
Let's go back to our SS field report #2
How about our girl/work colleague who right at the start did not feel any affection for our magician? Will she not likewise make herself unhappy if the magician brings her to have sex with him? And has she got much choice?

Jason Miller, said...


Every moment, every decision is impacted by innumerable factors, some strong, some weak, but they all have their pull. Magical influence is just one of these factors. In the field report there is no magical influence that I would rate as extremely heavy or coercive. There is no "Love me or die" spell activity going on.

In my classes and books I stress the prudent use of influencing magic as something that you only engage in for short periods of time because long term, it will effect your ability to have real relations. That said, there are times when it is appropriate to exert some influence, the attraction phase is one such time.

If she found herself not liking the magician, than she can leave. If she does not want to have sex, than she is free not to.

There is a HUGE chasm between the prudent use of glamours and magical influence and that near brain washing that you seem to be talking about.

Gabriele said...


Is it not also a type of brainwash if he tricks her into giving him what he desires, taking into account that she would have not freely given herself to him otherwise?

Is it therefore not a type of stealing in the sense of taking what is not given to you freely?

Do you think that as a result of such actions (tricking people into giving him sex/love and money) a sorcerer will end up bereft of his lovers and family and eventually die in poverty (see Aleister Crowley)?


Jason Miller, said...

Gabriell, you seem to really be hung up on the idea that "that she would have not freely given herself to him otherwise". How do you know this? No one knows this.

The bottom line is this:

You cannot not influence someone. Period. Everything you do or say or think has an influence, so you may as well take control of yourself an d the influence you spread.

If he dressed in nicer clothes than usual, is that "stealing" as you say? If he takes steps to make sure he presents himself in the best light or uses self improvement techniques to build his conficdence, is that evil. Of course not.

The Summoning of teh Seducer ritual is just such a ritual, to make yourself more confident and attractive. The seals and such are more direct, but in the end have no more influence than most other things.

Again, you seem to not understand how magic works or are under the impresssion that there is no difference between a magickal nudge vs being pushed off a cliff.

He is not tricking her. He is not brain washing her. He is adding a couple of influences amongst the millions of other influences to increase his chances,

Gabriele said...

Perhaps you can still understand a little why I feel very angry at the behaviour of the guy in our field report #2. I feel very much like he is treating the girl like an ox that he leads by a nose-ring. Won't she feel very confused? All the time this work colleague has not interested her in the least and all of a sudden - without her knowing why - she feels attracted towards him.

Later on - without her knowing why - she will get very angry at him.

I know that it is nothing but a symptom of our degenerate times. The women who react so blindly and unaware to the male desire. And the men who are so confused that they do not know how to deal with their desire so that it does not cause any harm.

I think both men and women could do with a better understanding of cause and effect. Then there would be more harmony in our families.

Jason Miller, said...

" and all of a sudden - without her knowing why - she feels attracted towards him."

No. If the whole project works, she will feel attracted to him for very good reasons. Again you confuse light influence with brain washing. You have seen too many movies.

"Later on - without her knowing why - she will get very angry at him."

How do you know this? This is not my experience. Arent you projecting a little bit here?

"I know that it is nothing but a symptom of our degenerate times."

Oh god...

" The women who react so blindly and unaware to the male desire. And the men who are so confused that they do not know how to deal with their desire so that it does not cause any harm."

Go back to the nunnery. If you are going to renounce the world than do it. If you are going to engage the world than do it, but stop acting as if non-monastics should act like monastics. This is just silly

Gabriele said...

Just after I had written my last entry - before going to bed - I realized that there was smoke hanging in the air. I went outside to where the smoke came from. My neighbour from downstairs (I live in a five storey building) tells me about the fire. And guess who was responsible? It was 'my' magician who had found no better hide-out than the cellar below the house in which I happen to live (which is dark, damp and dirty). I saw him and called his name wanting him to come over but he ran away. This sort of behaviour I find very strange. I don't want to ponder too much about it but there is still this attachment - sticky as glue - between the two of us. Meanwhile we have got undoubtedly a karmic connection for many lifetimes to come. I cannot say that I feel particularly comfortable with this. In my opinion it's his fascination with NLP, (self-)hynosis, magic, rainmaking, trying to influence people with conversational hynosis and other techniques that got him and still gets him in a lot of difficulties. And which affords me so much patience.

But why am I writing all of this for?

You are still young. But where will this magic endeavour lead you to? And not only you but the people that are influenced by you, your wife and your children? What about Jim?

Do you think that magicians like Crowley died in peace after having influenced his scarlet ladies in such negative ways that they ended up in alcoholism or in psychiatric care?

'My' magician who also tried to heal people also brought one lady he tried to heal into psychiatric care. The thought of her will not make him particularly happy.

I heard of a girl who committed suicide after becoming the lover of a magician. Do you really think that suicides, mental disorders and drug abuse just happen out of the blue? Why is there such a frequency of suicides, inexplicable deaths, mental disorders, drug abuse, fires, things breaking, etc. wherever one of you magician guys is present? Mere coincidences? At least you should learn from those failed attempts so as not to repeat the same mistakes again and again.

A love spell is a special type of method to attract someone (say a woman). If there is a spell then the woman is attracted to the magician, otherwise she is not. Normal advances would not work and cause perhaps straight away aversion. Only because of the charm the woman feels drawn towards the magician - like a puppet being pulled by strings. Otherwise she would not feel drawn towards the magician but keep out of his way. When it comes to sex between man and woman it is based on this charm, i.e. it is based on a lot of attachment. I repeat it again: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO AFFECTION FROM HER SIDE TO START WITH. (Otherwise the guy in our field report would not have to use the charm in the first place, would he?)
It is mainly this considerable amount of attachment created by the love spell of this prince charming which brings her closer to the magician. (Let's not underestimate the power of magic.) The word love spell is misleading in the sense that no spell can create real love. In fact what we are looking at is attachment (which can be easily confounded with compassion).

Gabriele said...

In a way I agree with you that attachment/aversion (or jealousy) and the suffering that ensues from it plays a role in most relationships between men and women.
I don't want to take away from you this suffering by renouncing sexual relationships altogether. That's not possible and that is not what I am suggesting to you.

Of course you should try to relate to and care for the mother of your children as best as you can. If you both are very patient with each other, if you do not allow yourselves to get caught up in attachment and aversion and if you use skillful means, your relationship will certainly work out well.

Nonetheless I personally think it is not good to teach others how to do love spells. Nor is it good to teach others how to make confusion spells or how to cause infighting in groups.

Ask yourself: Would you like to be confused? Would you like to fight with your family members and friends? Would you like to have an intimate relationship with a person whom you feel no real affection towards?

From the depth of my heart I disagree with you. In my opinion it is a type of brainwash. A love spell is a subtle form of rape, of course not in the sense of a crime one could get criminally prosecuted for. But in the sense of excerting a dominating influence over someone who is (or at least seems) relatively weak.

Jason Miller, said...

Your opinion is duly noted, as is my disagreement.

Gabriele said...

The debate was good and SS field report #2 helped me in getting a better understanding of why a male magician feels the need to perform love spells.

I guess I understand now fully what the Dalai Lama meant when he said that the male practitioners of the highest tantra should have great respect for women whilst there is no mention in the scriptures that female practitioners of the highest tantra should have great respect for men. For female practitioners it is okay to despise men.

Great teaching!

Qabalier said...

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this (who wants to feel manipulated?) but I think most practical magic has to "force" things to a degree -even if you're just "engineering probability", in the end that means changing what people will end up doing (or would that be just choosing a different "universe"?) within certain parameters, even if you try to make it closer to "just posting an ad for willing collaborators" in the astral-. I mean, maybe I'm too much into the energy model but, doesn't "force" mean that? So much for physics...
After all, from an animistic point of view (I'm starting to get into the spirit model etc), everything would have conciousness and so free will - you would have to ask a stone if it wants to be removed (or at least apologize, is this what offerings are for?) instead of applying a force, and that would be extensive to most technology.

I don't want to put words in his mouth, but perhaps Jason's position comes from a certain way of understanding buddhism (and maybe hard science), in that humans, or at least unenlightened beings, aren't supposed to be free (or even exist as independent beings) anyway... it sounds a bit like cybernetics. On the other hand, it would also depend on what you think of "Fate", on what your take is on "soul mates" (or "star-crossed lovers", for that matter)

Jason once quoted Dion Fortune about that, and I wanted to mention that I recently re-read Gareth Knight's Occult Exercises and Practices, and the appendix on magnetism and psychic self-defense makes pretty much the same points as him. If it's good enough for Gareth Knight, it's good enough for me.

The bottom line is, if people are OK with playing the game of seduction -which I can see as manipulative too- they should be OK with glamour and charms. Those are usually the same pragmatical people that would readily admit that being mature and socially well-adjusted implies to be hypocritical to a degree...

k. sequoia said...

Gabriele, I understand your concerns but they seem to be based more from a place of wanting to blame, and therefore find somewhere that we can claim to not be in control of how we are affected and act.

Magic works, yes - I've done it, I've seen it. I don't believe in doing things to manipulate another's will in general, however I firmly believe that "he who cannot hex cannot heal." You have to understand both sides of the coin in order to use that coin effectively. You can choose not to going forward, but you ultimately need to know HOW.

That said, bringing things down to a mundane level - women use manipulation and glamour all the time, as do men more than ever, to attempt to drawn in a potential mate. There is a billion-dollar industry, with many facets, that offer aide all the time without the use of more arcane forms (Do I need to list them? Everything from make-up to padding to surgery to chat rooms, alcohol, drugs, cars, toys, we all use these things to entice one another and sometimes wake up in the morning feeling very used).

You seem to want to blame those who are willing to get out in the game and actively, consciously try -- one of the reasons that I like Jason's approach is that it has a lot of self-responsibility and practicality involved (highly powerful stuff, bt w)- not just 'be mine/gimme some' in this instance, but are you taking steps to be a worthy candidate or potential mate/sexual partner as well?

Ultimately, magic seeks out and harnesses the possibilities that are ALREADY THERE and helps them to manifest. So one might argue that if the possibility between the dude and the girl was simply not present at any one juncture, anywhere, the magic may fall flat. There is always the wild card in magic of one's Free Will.


Gabriele said...

There is a very fine almost negligible line between love/sex magic and forced prostitution. The woman may end up as the prostitute and the magician may end up as the pimp. The woman needs to learn to say 'no' and to remember that it is no mistake for women to despise men. The man needs to learn to be respectful towards women. This is the lesson that needs to be learned.

Anonymous said...

No Gabriele - this is your lesson to learn. Not mine. Not at all. My lessons revolve around other issues, and they do not involve despising anyone. Meanwhile, I take responsibility for my actions. And my magic.

Blessings to all, no exceptions,
K Sequoia

Jason Miller, said...

"The woman needs to learn to say 'no' and to remember that it is no mistake for women to despise men."

You are clearly a Buddhist Gabriele, so i have to ask, what teacher taughjt you this crap! There is no reputable Buddhist teacher that teaches that despising anyone is OK.

Gabriele said...

Replying to Jason's last comment (I just love your inquisitive mind, Jason):

"At this point, I would also like to address the issue of gender in Buddhism, especially the attitudes towards women. ...
... in the context of the pledges and commitments to be maintained following an initiation, the nature of one's relationship to women is especially emphasized in Highest Yoga Tantra. For example, despising women is an infraction of one of the root vows of tantra, but the tantras do not speak of transgressing a root vow if one despises men! Male practitioners may have difficulty understanding this obvious discrimination."
(Dalai Lama, cited from The World of Tibetan Buddhism, pp 112,113)

So therefore I come to the conclusion that for a female practitioner of the Highest Yoga Tantra it is no mistake to despise men. To what extent this applies to all women I don't know. But from my experience I can say that it would have certainly been beneficial to despise the one or other man a little bit more.ns

Jason Miller, said...

Gabrielle, you have completely misunderstood the issue and avoided my question.

1. Tantric Vows are only meant for Tantrikas not for people in general.

2. Who is your Guru? If you had one you would not be arriving at such odd conclusions.

Gabriele said...

Perhaps you are right. It is perhaps only looking back that female practitioners of the highest tantra would think (or rather act) along the lines of 'It would have been no mistake if I would have despised men a little bit more in the past. From now on I will not see it as a mistake to despise men.'
On the other hand women are more vulnerable than men - especially when it comes to sexuality.
Also with regards to the Vinaya the Buddha obviously felt the need to give nuns certain additional rules to observe so that they were adequately protected from the advances of men.
Perhaps it's just in the nature of men to be a bit (too?) forceful/aggressive with regards to sexuality and in the nature of women to be a bit (too?) giving.
And sex/love magic is simply pinpointing this problem.

Gabriele said...

I would like to add that people who use magic for selfish purposes will sooner or later run into difficulties and will develop mental problems in this and future lives. This is true for love, money and confusion spells. Confusion spells (with infighting) as mentioned for example in Jason's book Protection and Reversal Magick will come back to the magician who will have a confused mind and will develop mental disorders which will also negatively affect his dear ones. The sorcerer will experience harm as a result of causing fighting amongst a group of people he considers as his enemies. Confusion is the opposite of wisdom, and infighting is the opposite of non-violence and compassion. Love/sex spells will bring forth a lot of problems that are connected to attachment and desire. Money spells will bring forth poverty later in life.

Gabriele said...

Teaching others how to do money, love and confusion spells leaves extremely negative imprints in the teacher's stream of consciousness bringing forth very negative future karmic results.

Gabriele said...

Even though I am not sure whether anybody will be reading this: I recently found the following passage in the autobiography of the great mahasiddha Chogyam Trungpa BORN IN TIBET which I found interesting:

I met the priest who was living with his family in the local temple; he could speak Tibetan and was proud of the fact that he had visited many places in Tibet. He told me that he had been in retreat and that its chief benefit had been an increase of magical power. We had an argument and I pointed out to him that Buddhism teaches that one must go beyond selfish aims: a retreat should be to increase spiritual awareness; one must start with the five moral precepts. He courteously agreed, after which we both remained silent. Yag Tulku, who had been much scandalized by the corrupt habits of these people was delighted that I had had an opportunity to expound a truly Buddhist way of life. He said that, had he been talking to this priest, he would probably have lost his temper and said something rude.

The magician could be almost you, Jason, couldn't it? :)