Saturday, July 19, 2008

Welcome to Strategic Sorcery

Welcome to Strategic Sorcery. My name is Jason Miller, or if you like, Inominandum. It’s certainly easier to Google me under the latter than the former. If you do Google me, you will find little links relating to me all over the place. I have a Live Journal, My Space, Facebook, and even an old outdated Angelfire called Tantrickery. So why have another web-presence? If I already have an LJ, why another blog?

This site is dedicated solely to magick, both illuminative and practical. You will find rituals, essays, comments, links, and quotes, as well as info on upcoming appearances and classes by yours truly. Thus the first part of the blog’s subtitle: Inominandum’s Musings on Magick.

The second part of the subtitle, The Emergence of a New Arcana, takes a bit more explaining. In the past I have always written about bits and pieces of magick from here and there. I would indicate things I have found useful or interesting, share stories of experiments, and even present a couple rituals of my own creation; but I never tried to present a cohesive system of my own. In fact, I have purposely avoided creating a tradition of my own because I tend to think that the dividing up of magick into “this” tradition and “that” tradition is unnecessary and unhelpful. The structures that can help get us started at the beginning can end up limiting us severely further on if we hold to them to dear. “There are to many traditions as it is” I thought. I didn’t want to add to the confusion.

Yet as I sit here at my desk writing my second book, The Sorcerers Secret, Strategies in Practical Magick, I find that I am putting together a cohesive system. Even when I drive, or sleep, I find myself channeling information from my HGA, linking the system together. There is a view and work forming in my mindstream that I think is unique enough to warrant being put to paper. There is already more to this system than I have room for in the book, so I will be starting on another one almost immediately after this one is written. I intend this blog to be a tool to help me sort some of this out as it comes.

Whatever emerges though, don’t call it a tradition. It’s just a teaching. Just another way of doing things that will be attractive to some and of no interest to others. It will be a record of what has worked well for me. In time it will grow with new things that work well for others.

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