Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Christopher Warnock just let me know about this amazing deal he has going on his classes. The deadline however is tomorrow, so I thought I would help get the last-minute word out by posting about it here.

If you know of Chris's work, you will recognize what an amazing deal this is.

Here's the details from Chris himself:

We are moving in about a week and frankly I was surprised by how
expensive this move has been. I have several large repair bills due
in just a few days and I am scrambling around trying to pay them.

So my temporary cash flow problem is your OUTRAGEOUS educational
opportunity! For the next three days, since that's when the bills
are due, the next two students to register for the full Astrological
Magic Course get some incredible bonuses.

But before the special stuff, just consider the Astrological Magic
Course itself.

This is a complete course in all types of traditional astrology and
the creation of powerful, authentic talismans, including talismans of
the planets, the Mansions of the Moon, the decan/faces, the fixed
stars, talismans based on birth charts, full house talismans and more!
It comes with 14 lessons, homework, e-books, all on CD plus 4 free
paperback books and 4 free special astrological software programs.
This course includes free: the Planetary Magic, Mansions of the Moon
and Decan/Face Mini-Courses.

Traditional astrological magic is laid out for you in the course,
clearly, step by step. You don't need to know any astrology or magic
before starting the course, it's all there! I personally teach every
student, I correct all homework by hand and I am available to answer
any questions you might have on the current lesson you are working on.

Ok, sounds good, but what's the special bonus? Again, just for the
next three days, the next four students to register for the
Astrological Magic Course get all this amazing course material, books,
software, etc., and a FREE large gold plated silver Mercury talisman
or Divine Name talisman. Just take a look

Mercury is perfect for an Astrological Magic Course student as he
rules astrology and co-rules with Saturn, magic. He is also the ruler
of study! Personally I've been on a gold kick recently and these
talismans look great. Gold plated with Nigel's amazing image on the
front, plus the sigils, symbols and numbers of Mercury, Mercury table
on the back.

The Divine Name talisman is pure sterling silver, with the most
powerful name of God, the Tetragrammaton, in the Pythagorean tetractys
pyramid, right out of Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy!

And folks, these talismans go for $250, but for the first four
students to register for the Astrological Magic Course in the next
three days, this $250 talisman is FREE!

You'd think that was enough, but I'm really under the gun, so I'm
going to make this deal even better.. Those first two students to
register will get not only the incredible Astrological Magic Course
and the free gold plated Mercury talisman, but also a FREE copy of
Solar Fire astrological software. Normally over $300, you get a
review copy of this professional astrological software, fully
functional with an online manual, but lacking only tech support. Plus
you get my Solar Fire Traditional Page, that works with Solar Fire to
give you all the traditional chart info you need on one page.

So that's $550 worth of free stuff, the course is only $399.95 plus
shipping, I'm basically paying YOU $150!

But folks, time is money here and I just have to nail this, so I'm
going completely nuts and including a FREE copy of the Greer and
Warnock English translation of the Latin Picatrix Books I & II. This
is the ultimate grimoire of astrological magic, highly sought after,
intelligibly translated for practitioners for the first time. A
$54.95 value and again, FREE to the first two students to register for
the Astrological Magic Course in the next three days. Whoa! That's
like paying you $200 to take the course!

So let's recap, the first four students to register for the
Astrological Magic Course in the next three days, that's until
midnight Thursday, will get all of the amazing course material,
lessons, e-books, paperback books and software in the course, PLUS a
free $250 Mercury talisman, PLUS a free $300 copy of Solar Fire
astrological software, PLUS a free $54.95 copy of Picatrix Books I &
II. That's $600 of free stuff!!! And the Astrological Magic Course
itself is just $399.95 plus shipping.

You need to use the special order page for the amazing deal

Shipping is a little extra because I need to insure and ship the
talisman, outside the US this goes global express insured.

Obviously this deal is totally NUTS!!! If I wasn't under the hammer,
there no way I would be offering this much free stuff. This is not
going to happen again and if you were at all considering taking the
course you be nuts not to jump on this offer IMMEDIATELY. E-mail me
at to see whether the Mercury or
Divine Name talismans are still available, but you'd better act fast!
Once either the 4 talismans or the time limit is gone, this deal is

You need to use the special order page for the amazing deal

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Brother Christopher said...

ARGH!!! If only I had 400 bucks. I would totally jump on this deal.