Sunday, November 15, 2009

This weeks lesson

This weeks lesson on Zone Rites is REALLY long. Took me all day to write it, but I have to say it kicks some butt.

I decided to finally put in print a ritual called The Adamantine Temple. I have been doing this rite for a few years now, but have kept it as a sort of Ace in the Hole. I do hope people dig it.


faoladh said...

i don't know what "Zone Rites" is, but a google search locates at least one blog that is reblogging your entries.

Jason Miller, said...

Zone rites are rituals that set up a specific space such as a witches circle, lbrp, or vajra palace or a host of other rituals.

Jason Miller, said...

Where is it? I cant find it.

I had someone throw up an RSS feed on Livejournal, do you think thats it?

Rufus Opus said...

you know, the lessons of Rich Dad, Poor Dad are really being driven home by some of this stuff, eh?