Monday, June 1, 2009

Deleting Archonoclast

I am deleting an old Blog Archonoclast. It was dedicated to sort of Gnostic Christian ramblings and thoughts. I left it set for almost a year and really do not have much more to say on the subject, that cant fit in here or someplace else. 

I had something in the realm of Christian-Gnosis that I needed to work out, and apparently I did. I am however a Buddhist at heart. I took ordination from Sean Knight as a Priest, but will not continue with the more formal process under Tau Nemesius. He is still a close friend, advisor, and teacher, but its just not the right lifetime for that much ecclesiastic stuff. 

Anyway, if there was anything there that you wanted to read or copy, go there now because it will be gone in a week. 

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