Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Model Hypocrite?

Someone that reads my blog, and has read sections of my new book, but chooses not to post mentioned to me today:

"Jay, the first two chapters of your book on the gift and three levels basically lay out your own model of how magick works. If models are always limiting, why did you present one?"

Good point.

The short answer is: my model doesnt suck.

The long answer is that there is nothing inherently wrong with models of magick or spirituality as long as they are treated as something that is a work in progress and are updated to fit data. My model of three levels, is not really a model of how magic works; its a model of how magic works best. It is designed specifically to get people to expand, rather than contract their view of how to work magick.


Jow said...

I used to beat my head against the cinder blog called "Model" often and loudly. One of the good things I took away from chaos magick was to respect whatever model as a "working model".

The model is kind of like a GUI interface for reality. While a whole system is like the OS.

VenusSatanas said...

Giving an example of a model is a good idea. its meant to be educational and inspiring, not limiting.