Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Statement of Support

Those of you that look over at the side bar may have noticed my link to friends and aquantances. You may have seen a link to Houngan Hector over there, South Jersey's own Vodou Priest.

I met Hector at Crucible several years ago and though I havent had the time to hang out much, since I was duly impressed not only by his knowlege of his craft and personal power, but his level of spiritual realization and compassion.

If you check out this article here, you will see that Hector has had a little trouble dropped on his doorstep.

I wanted to make this post here for two reasons:

First, I wanted to just offer some support in what must be a difficult time. The death has not been ruled suspicious, but that will not stop people from thinking the worst.

Second, I wanted to point out an example of exactly how to handle this kind of press problem. You did it beautifully dude. Called 911 right away. Answered all reasonable questions of from the press. Protected the identity of others at the ritual. Were caring and concerned rather than defensive. Most important, you did not blame the police. They took your skull and computer, but rather than go on a rant about it, you just noted that "they are just doing their job", which they were.

Be well, and may the Loa see you through this difficulty.


Fred McCaughey said...

He'll no doubt have a rough time due to all the negative stereotypes out there about Vodou, don't even get me started on the crap PETA's spewed about those rich traditions.

Fred McCaughey said...

Also have you read Stephen Grasso's article on Vodou? I'll email it to you if you want, it's quite good.

Frater POS said...

nice post Jason. More than that, the article presented your friend well. I'm sure he did a great job in the interview.

Best wishes to him and his.

evcelt said...

I heard about this on a Vodou list. I really feel for Hecotr, and I think he's handled himself and the situation very well. One of the most annoying side effects of this is that a bunch of people on the list have been slagging him, saying that he must not be a good houngan, not have a real connection, etc. or this wouldn't have happened. The moderator has been trying to keep people from attacking Hector, but it just keeps cropping up. I was considering posting the article link to the list, but I'm not sure I want to stir things up again.