Sunday, January 24, 2010

Example of Strategic Sorcery Point 1.

I got a great question about the first point of the Strategic Sorcery Manifesto yesterday that I want to address here in its own post.

"This is regarding your manifesto I at the blog. I got a little confused here. Do you mean that if you want to get rich in for example in the restaurant business (that is your overall plan), aside from taking classes and networking, you have to specify " in my restaurant business so and so" in your financial magicks? Or can you do the spells, jupiterean and mercurial invocations of a general nature (just like the book) and their manifestation will flow in there because the restaurant business is where you are physically and mentally focused on?"

The idea of Strategic Sorcery is not to avoid general invocations of jupiterian or mercurial nature but to build upon them with specific magics aimed at specific steps. I know nothing about the restaurant biz, but here is a basic example of how I might approach it.

1. Do a series of divinations using multiple methods to determine if my idea is sound, totally off, or it I should be thinking about it in a different way. I use Tarot or Sybilla(Sortilege), use Dowsing Rods and interpret candles (Augury), look for omens, and maybe do some Bibliomancy (Spontaneous). I would also have at least two other people do divinations for me. Often you can want something so bad that you spin your own divination to say "yes" when it is clearly saying "no". I would do specific divinations focusing on the location, type of restaurant, and how much start up money would be enough (a major failing of many new businesses).

2. Do those general Jupiterian and Mercury invocations. They will help in two ways. They will attract an aura of prosperity around you AND they will help move your mental "set point" that thinks of yourself as an employee that maybe makes $50,000 a year, to that of an entrepreneur who can maybe make five times that, but who has to work for every bit of it, not just collect a paycheck. This mental shift is REALLY important in Strategic Sorcery.

2. You mentioned taking classes and networking. I would summon Tiriel and ask for his help with both of these specifically. I would also use influencing magic in networking: at first a general venusian type talisman to make people want to help me, and later if one or two people became important (landlord, bank manager) I would do targeted influencing magic.

3. While designing the restaurant, I would include various amulets and talismans in the design or even under the design: paper seals under paintings, herbs mixed in the paint itself, money drawing floor wash regularly applied, statues of particular wealth dieties, a small shelf altar to make offerings to the spirits of the place. A Chan Chu to bring luck and warn of financial problems.

I would also study up on how colors effect peoples mood and what type of music to play. Casinos for example have spent millions of dollars to create their environment: a lot of red in the color scheme, no clocks in sight, aisles placed at odd angles to make you lose track of the exit, magchines that make noise in C# which effects the part of the brain that inhibits gambling...

4. At night I would do rituals to insure the prosperity of the place, Not only to draw customers in, but to draw you IDEAL customers in. Google the Pareto Principal if you don't know what I mean.

5. In the morning I would offer thanks for the success I had, and spend a few moments of post-meditation thought management building a positive vision of the future and making sure that I was actually expecting and open to success (another really big failure point).

These are just a few examples of how to apply Strategic Sorcery. Your comments are welcome and encouraged.

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