Friday, January 22, 2010

Upcoming Classes and Intensives

The "Appearances" page of has now been linked to a Strategic Sorcery google calendar and will be updated much more regularly.

Check back often as I have found some extra time to ramp up my teaching efforts.

Of special interest is my next all day intensive:


Sun Jan 31 – Sun Jan 31

Seelie Court Near Georgetown DE

January 31, 2010 At Seelie Court (near Georgetown, DE)

11:00 am - 6:00 pm 

Cost $95 

Please RVSP for these classes by calling the store (302) 678-4545 or emailing

Psychic, magickal, and spiritual attacks happen more often than even most Witches and Magicians realize. The circumstances of attack vary but include: "crossed conditions" brought on by visiting disturbed or haunted places, aggression from spirits in retribution for human actions like pollution, experimental magick gone wrong, accidental attacks by psychics, and intentional curses by Witches and Magicians. All people, Witches or not, are susceptible to these attacks. The difference: Witches and Magicians can do something about it. In this full day intensive Jason expands upon the material in his first book, revealing material too intense to be published.

You will learn how to:

Recognize the signs and the source of an attack
Set up early warning systems
Appease angry spirits through offerings
Make magickal "decoys" to absorb attacks against you 
Summon guardian spirits or gods for help
Reverse curses and other attacks back upon their sender
Bind, confuse, or expel a persistent enemy that will not leave you be 
and even how to curse in those rare circumstances where the stakes are truly dire.
You must pre-register. This workshop is not at the store; driving directions will be given to those that register. 

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