Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crucible Re-cap.

Had a great time at Crucible yesterday. Here is a quick re-cap of highlights from my perspective:

  • Participated in a Panel discussion on the role of Secrecy in Magick with Isaac Bonewits, Shawn Knight, Ogre, and Andrei Freeman
  • Participated in another panel discussion on Ethics in Magick with Isaac, Ogre, and Jow. Both Panels were quite lively I think.
  • I gave an ok lecture on Ensorcelling, the Arts of Influence and Persuasion.
  • Attended a lecture by Uncle Chuckie on Radionics and Psionics. Very entertaining and informative. The lecture was given remotely via webcam and mike from his laboratory in Chicago, so we actually got to see several of his devices up close, including one of his radionics boxes, two of his helmets, and his Hand Resonator which works as both a healing device and sex toy. I continue to love Uncle Chuckie even though he is clearly bat shit crazy.  
  • Met many cool folks who deserve notable mention, Chip and Katie from Thorn magazine, who are looking for me to write a few articles for them. Dana, who I totally used as magicians assistant during my talk. Jow, who practices Arabic magick through the Society of the White Flame. +Shawn Knight, a Gnostic Bishop. Finally and Lucia who just moved here from the UK to train as an Opera singer. Turns out that she found Omnimancy through a eulogy I wrote for Andrew Chumbley that I posted to the Omnimancy boards three years ago. We spent a couple hours discussing Sabatic Craft, Tunnels of Set, Tarot, and other topics arcane.
  • Capped off the night by receiving ordination as a Gnostic Priest from Tau Shawn Knight, so I now have orders that stem through him to Alen Greenfiend and Michael Bertiaux. In one shot I received the Thelemic consecration and several Christian lines including the very solid Antioch line. You may all now call me Father Jason if you like.

Many thanks to Omnimancers for putting on such a stellar event and for being such gracious hosts. Lots to follow up on in the weeks ahead. 


Jow said...

Your lecture was better than ok, dude ;) Just so you know.

It was great talking to you!

Samuel Johnson said...

Do any of these lectures ever happen to get video taped and whatnot? I'm a tad too foreign to ever make it unless I happen to be able to schedule a full holiday at the same time. I would love to see at least some of the content though.

Jason Miller, said...

They do indeed. In fact I think there are DVD's available. I will contact the Omnimancers and see how much they want for them.