Monday, October 27, 2008

Short Excerpt from new book.

Here is a could paragraphs from the new book, just to give you all something to play with. 

This gaze is performed by again taking in as much scenery in front of you as you can. You don’t have to worry about where your eyes are focused, just allow them to relax and take in the scene before you. Imagine that everything you are seeing in front of you is actually happening on a two dimensional surface like a television screen. Keep gazing until you really get the sense that there everything in front of you is happening on a 2-d surface, than reach out with your mind and contemplate what might be happening on the other side of that surface. You can even try to mentally “peel back” the 2 dimensional surface, folding down a corner so that you perceive what lies beyond it.


The mind is used to perceiving space in three dimensions only. By using this gaze you are forcing the mind to perceive what it sees as only 2 dimensions, leaving the third dimension vacant and able to be filled by things that normally cannot be perceived. Practice this method often and you will find that it pays off fairly quickly in an increased perception of astral and spiritual phenomenon. If you use this gaze while looking at a scrying device like a mirror, you can consider that the mirror is a hole in the two dimensional surface which will allow images to surface all the more readily. 


Frater Eha-E said...

Very interesting Jason. New and newsworthy. I was planning on doing some scrying this evening. I will think about how to work it in. I like the window suggestion.

I engraved Hekate's Wheel on a 1" dia. x 1/32" thick pure silver disk with my dremel tool and a needle point diamond bit yesterday.

After performing the invoking ritual I glued it with some gorilla glue to the back of my wristwatches case - with the engraved side out so that it contacts my skin. I think its great. Thanks for the above tip. When's the book coming out?

Frater Eha-E

Frater BH said...

I am curious about the business aspect of this. I'd think any publisher would like a blurb or two floating about to drum up interest. As an author, do you need a formal agreement to do such a thing with your publisher?

Jason Miller, said...

Nope. I just posted it.

They encourage a few blurbs here and there. What I post here are rough drafts. When it gets closer to publication I will release a few larger excepts in Behutet, New Wicth, and maybe Witchvox.