Thursday, October 23, 2008

To get someone to tell the truth

So yesterday I was in the Cauldron, an occult shop in Pt Pleasant, and neither the owner, or her sister or mother were there. They are all Italian strega (the real deal not the Grimassi fantasy) but the owner has had to get an outside job, the sister is about to have a baby any day, and the mother has to care for an ailing husband. They apparently hired a woman that recently moved here from Texas to run the shop, who shall henceforth be called: The Clerk.  

While I was in there a girl in her early 20's asked the clerk if there were any spells to get people to tell the truth. The clerk said no, magick cant get people to tell the truth. She asked why do you want someone to tell the truth anyway? 

The girl shared that she thinks shes getting screwed over by a guy and would just like him to come clean when she asks. The clerk than proceeded to rant for 15 minutes about how men lie, and she should just dump this dude, blah blah blah. 

Finally I couldnt take it anymore.

I went to the herb cabinet and grabbed some Mullein, Adders tongue, and Licorice Root. I brought them over to her and told her the following:

"I dont know you and your boyfriend well enough to advise you on your love life based on just a few words, however there are plenty of spells to help make people tell the truth. Buy these three herbs and this pack of charcoal blocks and get something that belongs to him like a piece of clothing.  Late tonight when you think he is probably asleep go outside and light the charcoal block and place a mix of the three herbs on it. The Adders tongue is to get is tongue to tell the truth, the mullein is traditionally used to catch cheating lovers, and the licorice root to to establish a bit of psychic influence and control. Take the piece of clothing and tie it with a red string that has nine knots in it. This represents him. Dangle him above the burning charcoal and let the smoke infuse the packet and carry your intentions upward to the spirits. As you do this pray to whatever god you worship, and than simply talk to him like he is there saying "just tell me the truth." or "come clean" or whatever. As the gods and spirits to help and than thank them for doing so. It's not guaranteed to work, magick never is, but it is based on traditional magick and is I think the type of magick you are looking for."

There we go. Answer the customers question. Make a sale. Is that so fucking hard? Isnt that why the store is there? She asked for a spell, not some crappy advice from a jilted cow that fancies herself wise and has probably not been laid in a decade. 

And we wonder why occult stores are closing up left and right. 


Frater BH said...

I know a man that went into our local shop and asked for information. The owner angrily sent him over the book section. She apparently isn't fond of men nor this particular fellow's brand of magick.

Funny, he won't go back. Imagine that.

My Gal said...

I think that it all boils down to imposing our issues on other people. Whether that be our personal fears or a local favorite "Rede thumping". "

"Oooh can't actually do any sort of magick it might interfere with anothers will and thereby harm them."

It just effectively keeps people immobilized.

Though if you are in the business of magickal supplies, you would think that anyone running the place should be versed in SOME version of practical magick. People are people and what has kept those businesses going through good times and in bad is "Is my lover cheating and will my finances improve". This is not rocket science.

Dohmnaill said...

I have been in there now and then, and I obviously don't know them personally, but I could tell that some of them are family... they all seem very nice and knowledgeable.

As far as The Clerk is concerned, I would imagine that they should have hmmm... I dunno... maybe looked in a book?

The occult community can be a little lacking when it comes to customer service.

I always drool over their herb cabinets. (not actually, but get a serious case of the wants) I sadly do not have the time or space to build up my little cabinet these days.

Frater EhaE said...

Hi Jason -

Nice story. You obviously have a good heart. R.O. linked me over a few weeks back and I'm glad he did.
i just got you book and see you rec. LMJ.c. Very nice as I wouldn't be able to find a competent 'clerk' anywhere I know of:).