Saturday, May 23, 2009

Damn library

Tried to make a blog post from the library just now. After writing for 30 minutes straight on Tantric Classifications, the damn thing blinked to tell me it was extending my time since there were still computers available, but when it blinked back all my writing was gone.

Thanks for nothing Library.


Anonymous said...

Aw! I hope it's forthcoming soon. About 99% of Buddhists I meet, even Tibetan Buddhists, are coming from a sutric approach, so I find your perspective really valuable.

Albus Dumbledore said...

hahahaha, speaking of the library I have not been to one in at least a year. Not that I don't like books, I just order them from online.

Persephone said...

Don't you have a spell to prevent that from happening?

Cause if not, I could teach ya one.



karen_yvonne said...

Hi Jason,
I saw you yesterday. I have preordered your new book.
Your blog is good.