Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magickal Mis-diagnosis

There is someone that has been to multiple workers looking to get rid of a posessing spirit. Many cleansings, and they all seem to make it worse. I am about to do the same, but I am wondering now if I havent mis-diagnosed it along with everyone else. I don't think the spirit is an attacker. I think it may actually be a guardian. 

In my first book I give as one of the four sources of psychic attack, attacks from ones guardians or from ones own psyche, in retribution for misdeads and broken vows. But there is another situation that I didnt think of when i was writing the book: initiation crisis. 

In many indiginous cultures the career of a Shaman or Magician begins by being tormented by spirits. They arent really trying to harm you, they are trying to get you to fulfill youir role as intermediary. If you dont, they will keep it up, eventually killing you. This has been reported by everyone from Haitian Mambos, to Nepalese Jhankris, to Russian Saman. It doesnt however happen much in the west amongst europeans, nor amongst Buddhists. 

To a typical witch or magician it would look like an attack, but attempts at exorcism would only aggrivate the situation, not make it better. I am wondering if the thing to do isnt quiet it down by making some peace offerings and working with it. It isnt responsive to questioning of any kind, but that would again fit the profile. 



Frater POS said...

Jason, could you amplify that idea a bit for us?

yuzuru said...

what about divination?

My Gal said...

Oddly enough I think I get this one. Sometimes you are fighting the flow of the river and do not realize that you should just go with the current instead of snapping like a twig. The river will take you there whether you like it or not, so you might as well make the ride as peaceful as possible. Good luck in plotting the course.

Suecae Sounds said...

This post is extremely interesting. If you continue to write following this line of thought, I will read it with utmost interest.

Jow said...

The g/f is Shaman trained, and she told me a bit about it once: "If you start fucking up, you'll start to have bad dreams, then bad luck, and then they will keep hitting you and keep taking things from you like health, sleep, loved ones, friendships till you get the message."

Trials are a bit different from what I am to understand.

See maybe if the person was very sick lately, or comes from a culture with active spirits.. Check their dreams as well..

yuzuru has a good point about divination.

If it's an entity, try for some communication, and peace offerings. Like Roadhouse! "Be nice.. but know when not to be nice."

If banishings havent been working, then it could just be a strong hostile spirit, or the persons guardian. If it's not one of the person's guardians, then those guardians might be helpful in enlisting aid from.

Persephone said...

By far the worst seeming attacks I've had have been a result of broken vows, or of falling off the path I'm supposed to be on.

It's instant too. Like: I vow not to eat French fries until I weigh 105. I eat French fries. Bang! Bad thing happens at work. Opposite: I decide to take yoga teacher training. Bang! Amazing wonderful things fall out of the air onto my head, nearly killing me of shock in the process.

Goddess help me should I break my vows. I'm taking yoga every day. The gumball magick is so simple it's perplexing.

Glad I didn't vow to give up cheeseburgers...

I'd have your client experiment with, along with whatever else you do, some vow magick. Ask the spirit what it wants and then give it a week of that practice, whatever it is. Maybe it wants an ice cream cone dumped in the backyard at 4 pm. Fine. Try it and see if it works. It's been my experience that spirits are often alarmingly simple.

Who was it who said, "Bring forth what is in you and it will save you?" Try "Refuse to bring forth what is in you and it will eat you alive."

I'm off to yoga class...


Rose Weaver said...

I find this an incredibly interesting post and agree with others... I'd like to see you continue with this line of thought, expand upon it. I get it, I really do, but would love to hear more of your particular perspective. Kinda need that right now. ;)

Jason Miller, said...

I am going to work a sadhana that has the effect of bolstering ones guardians and removing negativity at the same time. That should tell us something.

As for divination, I confirmed my idea with cards and with mo dice, but I always mis-trust divination a little bit. I have really only ever met one truly great diviner in my whole life, one that could tell names and dates and such.

I may write more about that as a post.

Jason Miller, said...

Not much to continue the thought with. This is an actual case I am working on. I usually don't post anything about them for privacy sake, but figured that my post was vague enough not to offend my client.

I will test to see if this is a guardian or just the toughest most ingrained case of possession I have ever come across.

Rufus Opus said...

I think it's a super good idea to include initiatory crisis as an evaluation criteria in spiritual attacks. The Corpus Hemeticum teaches that the Logos sends the Avenging Spirit to drive the "impious" mad in order to draw them back to contemplation of the Divine. Extrapolating on that idea, it's easy to see that you're onto something.

Frankly, initiation might be the best possible method for dealing with spiritual attacks, now that I think about it. Not in all cases, of course, but for the "mage-born," the folks that will be magicians or die miserable types. Definitely a very good piece of info.