Monday, March 29, 2010

Altar Merging

There is still work to do (painting the walls blue instead of red, new altar cloths, etc) but I did merge most of my altars. The Buddhist and Christian stuff now dominates the altar because for as much materia based sorcery as I do, I do way more meditation/contemplation/prayer work. The two are sharing a space quite nicely and it forces me to really walk the walk as far as my spiritual view. Having them separated was leading to a false separation in my psyche that I was not even really aware of. Here's hoping all the associated guardians and lower spirits play nice.

I slept in the temnple/office last night with the altar right at my head. Best sleep I have had in weeks, which to me is a better sign than a dream would be.

All lingering components and links from previous spells are being stored until I can dispose of them properly and respectfully. I am giving some stuff away as well.

The Wrath/Chastisement stuff is now in a sealed box under the altar, ready to be used when needed. The space feels better already.

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