Monday, March 29, 2010

Field Report # 4

More Field Reports. This one on finding a job. Good use of Temple and Field Magic together. Also a great example of how to run your magic and not let your magic run you. Note that he declined the first offer that his magic presented him with. A lot of magicians I know would never DARE to do that, thinking that it would either be an insult to the spirits or that the magic presents some kind of initiatory path. The Sorcerer says, "Nope, not good enough". Than gets the results he wanted

Presented below, as I received it.

Identify prospective Career Change through life mapping (looking at training, cost, benefits, etc.)

Step 0: Made offerings on Wealth Altar to Mother Rat, (like a money frog, only.. a momma rat with ratlings), St. Expedite, Crow (shiney shiney!), and "The powers of abundance" in general. incence, lights, and food.. well.. rum.

Step 1: Apply for school, channeling Mercurial energy into the application, and saying a quick prayer to the Mercurial powers.

Result: Acceptance of application. Not too impressive, as schools are accepting a lot of folks durring the recession.

Step 2: Apply for Entry Level positions: Dressed and acted the part, kept open and relaxed body language, and laughed often. Used eye contact to push the thought of "Hire Me" into the minds of my prospective empolyers. Recieved business card with hand written name.

Step 3: Stay on my refrences to make sure they give good and prompt reviews. Occasionally hiss, "Hire Me!" in to the "ear" of the business card.

Step 4: Probably should have been step 1. Divination. Geomancy: 1 figure draw: "What would be the result if I accepted the new position?" Result: Rubeus. Terribly unfavorable figure. If pulled first in a full chart read, the whole chart is scrapped. Signifies passion and strife. "Good in all that is evil, and evil in all that is good."

Step 5: Second interview: more wealth altar offerings. Dressed the part with lots of Jupiterian blue. Got offered position! Was also told starting salary involving a large pay cut.

Step 6: Review budget of both time and income. Position would not pay off for years, great finantial hardship till degree is finished.

Step 7: Re-Divination: Tarot two paths spread. Indicates great stagnation and unhappiness after much struggle, though financially stable.

Position unsuitable. Will decline offer.

Step 8: Divination for "What would the result be if we poured much more effort in to side project X?" Geomancy, 1 figure pull: Laetitia: Joy. Favorable in almost any question where happiness is desired. Will be putting more effort in to side project.


Prospect job called me back, seemed determined to have me, and was going to work to see if I could get hired at a higher position, while at my current job I was offered to start on the clinic management track.


Qabalier said...

Just what I needed to hear, thanks. =)

On a related note, sometimes I've got to tell the gator hand to "Let go!"... XD

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

Very interesting. I will be attempting a location change here this summer/fall, so I'm very happy to see other folks doing work like this. I'll have to give it a shot, more mapping etc.

Anonymous said...

On pushing thoughts, why the "hire me"? "(Name) is the one", that phrase seems more likely to echo in the hirer's mind as his own. Because I'm sure a lot of applicants all have the "hire me" plea in their heads.