Monday, September 6, 2010

Strategic Sorcery and Noisy Neighbors

Below is from one of my students who just succeeded in his first Expelling Strategy:

Problem and context: New neighbors came three months ago. They don´t live on the city, they just come a few days a week for work in the capital city. No problems ever. One and a half month ago, just as mars entered libra, they started to make parties until 1am, 2am on weekdays, mostly mondays and thursdays.

Noticed that mine is an old building, not one of those where you can hear people talk over the walls. To one to hear a party on the first floor it means that your music are REAL loud and that you are a big SOB person.

It was all going withing livable circumstances until one Thursday that they parties (I think with prostitutes) until 4am, and ignored and mocked my asking them to be civilized. Of course, all gloves are off.

So, below my plan:

a) Mundane action: the administrator said that he was taking action, as he was also being disturbed. Unfortunately, I live in Colombia, a country where people are afraid of everything but respect nothing.

b) Level 3 action - I am placing at their doorsteps "Pimenta voladora" an local substitute of hot foot powder. I am also using a plant called "alejadera"

c) Level 2 - I am repeating the "novena of San Alejo", who is said by Catholics to make bad things go away. I also bought his medal. I am not Catholic or christian. I also gave offers to the spirits of teh building.

d) From the opposite side of spectrum I asked, with help of tarot, for goetia spirit andromalius to get rid of them in exchange of public praise and candles. He is not allowed to do anything that can damage the building or other habitants.

e) Level 1 - Invoked Michael to protect my home. Invoked Cassiel of Saturn to bind their wickedness.

Results: apparently, less than a week later the owner asked that they move because he wanted the place back.

How do I know if it wasn´t coincidence? Well, as always we never know with magic. But divination tells me that it worked.

Details on Andromalius:
I am not good at direct communication, but I am good at divination and so I used it to communicate with the spirits of goetia. Andromalius was the third one to answer and the first to accept the deal. She is said to discover all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing; and to punish all Thieves and other Wicked People

I drawn his seal several times ("kinetic meditation") and then make contact and offered the terms of the deal very clearly.
He couldn´t damage the building or any living thing inside the building (except for the neighbors I was cursing) and she would have 1 month to work. She would receive praises on the internet (as I am doing now) and a blue candle (why blue? I don´t know, she asked for it) for 19 days.

Note on Goetic communication: Although she get rid of them in one-two weeks, I was waiting for the situation to clear out and to have confirmation. But Andromalius started to get really annoyed. Best to pay as quick as possible.

Now I am doing the invocation of terminus and a zone rite so any new neighbors behave!

best regards to all.

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