Friday, September 24, 2010

Strategic Sorcery Field Report - The SS Mini Grimoire and Getting Out of Debt

The below field report is from one of my Students in Italy and is very special because it is the first field report involving spirits from the Strategic Sorcery Mini Grimoire: a group of spirits that appeared to me and whose seals are available to members of the course.

Everything in Italics is his words:

On September 15th I had a debt to pay. Nothing really big, but I didn’t have
the money and so, big or not, my bank account was going “into the red” (I
called my bank and told them I knew the situation - this avoided them calling
me and allowed me to be more calm in tryng to find a solution without having to
worry about the sound of my cellphone). The debt was more or less 2200 USD
(United States Dollars). What was worst is that there are some other debts to
be paid by October 5th, so the situation was… stressful.

Now I have to say that, apart from my 9 to 5 job I have some other incomes,
namely as a translator and practitioner in the field of energywork. I practice,
sometimes I teach, sometimes people who have no English hire me to translate
parts of books they’re interested in but they cannot read. These secondary
incomes have been nil for a while, as money here is quite tight for everybody.

But I spotted some former clients who, even if they hadn’t hired me for a
while (“we’d like to, but we’re short of money”) I knew could find the amount
of cash I needed. And I decided to give the Mini Grimoire a try. I know this is
bad emergency sorcery, but I badly needed the money on the spot, whilst waiting
for the other things I’ve planned to deliver the goodies…

I also know that experimenting with a new system when you’re in emergency isn’
t exactly the most clever thing to do, but when I first read the Mini Grimoire
something “clicked”, and so with the Mini Grioire I went. After all I had
summoned Patrotiel in August, asking him to help me find solutions to my most
urgent needs, and the idea to address these people could come from Him.

I used the summoning technique given by Azophaios with a single modification,
as I inserted the “ORKIZO” invocation of HGA from the Sorcerer’s Secrets and
the Invocation of Kundalini from Crowley’s Liber LXV (old habits are hard to

So I basically:

Level One

Invoked my HGA asking Him to bless my efforts in getting rid of this debt and
the debts to be paid by October 5th

Level Two


Maxorial to have an income that could allow me to pay
Davian to help me pay these debts
Torien to bind these people and get them to do what I wanted

Level Three

Asked the Spirits to empower a controlling oil (bought years ago in a curio
shop in London – higly suspect but what the heck) and a compelling powder
(bought years ago from Technicians of the Sacred – more reliable)

Then I called a meeting (these people know each other, they are friends and/or
relatives among themselves) and before getting there I anointed my hands (we
would shake hands) and sprinkled the powder on some papers I gave them.

At the meeting I announced that my financial troubles forced me to get a
second job, and that I wouldn’t be available for only God knows how long to
provide my usual services (which they hadn’t purchased for a while). They
seemed disappointed.

The meeting was last tuesday. On wednesday they called me asking for a second
meeting, which took place yesterday.

Yesterday we met and they gave me the equivalent of 6666,6667 USD (currency
conversion plays strange jokes, eh?) AS A GIFT.


They gave the money because, they said, they need me to be free and available
when they need my services (I DO know I will have to give ‘em some discount
next time they hire me. They deserve it.)

The sum they gave me nicely covers all the debts and leaves me with more or
less 2500 USD in my pocket.

What can I say? I am flabbergasted myself… but this shit really works!

I am happy, and I’m planning a rather gorgeous Spirits Feast (this evening or

PS: DO work with these guys - they deliver outrageously...


The Scribbler said...

To RO: OK boy. After you've read this, take a nice deep breath. No hyperventilating. ;-)

Pallas Renatus said...

A note to my fellow Americans: commas are used in Europe instead of decimal points. Still massively impressive, but my jaw didn't hit the floor quite as hard when I realized we weren't talking in millions of dollars =p

Can't wait to get to this part of the course =)

Mike Segreto said...

Pallas Renatus - thanks for the explanation, for a minute there I was adding the numbers in my head thinking this guy just became a millionaire and simultaneously reaching for my own credit card to buy Jason's course

Pallas Renatus said...

@Mike: Buy the course. I'm only on lesson 8 out of 52, and it's definitely been worth it so far.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive indeed. Now I just cannot wait to to course to progress and get my hands to the Mini Grimoire myself...

The course has been very good so far. Better that I ever expected beforehand.

nutty professor said...

very nice, but more please on the follow-up!
for example, what is a "spirits feast" in your tradition?

good read!

Dr. Raven said...

Mike, definately buy the course. It is worth every penny. It is the best and most comprehensive outline of what it takes to be an effective sorcerer I've seen to date.

IAmTheSerpent said...

Oh my that sounds awesome! I havent been able to get those kinds of results before =0