Monday, October 25, 2010

Doctors Without Borders Promotion.

I just logged in student 200 into the Strategic Sorcery course!

To celebrate, from now till All Saints Day I will donate half the tuition of everyone that joins to Doctors Without Borders.

I did this after the Haitian Earthquake and with the current Cholera epidemic only days away from hitting Port Au Prince it seems like a good time. If you have ever thought about joining the Strategic Sorcery Training class, now is the time!


Pallas Renatus said...

I have to endorse this. The Doctors Without Borders team is amazing, and an honor to work with. They deserve every ounce of support we can give.

BuddhaPublicist said...

That's awesome, Jay. Both about the success of your class and your support of such a worthy cause.

Be well,


Anonymous said...

I am a big supporter of Doctors Without Borders myself. They do incredible work.