Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keep Your Mind on Your Money and Your Money on Your Mind.

On the 28th, RO Posted a post titled "Money: Getting it out of the Way". I have been meaning to post a response to that post for a while now, but haven't had the chance.

I agree with almost everything that RO suggests people do in that post. The thing that I wanted to respond to was the title itself. "Money: Getting it Out of the Way".  Folks I am here to tell you that you NEVER get money out of the way. That shouldnt even be the goal. The goal should be to have your money managed and working for you without it taking over your life. That requires eternal vigilance. It never gets out of the way. 

Now after talking with RO on the phone it was clear that he meant getting debt and crushing money problems out of the way, but thats not quite how it reads. Unfortunately, the way it reads is exactly how a great many people involved in any kind of money magic want their money magic to work. They want the whole issue out of the way and never have to think about it again. This scanario takes two main forms:

1. Winning the Lottery: Two of the first ten people in the course I asked to pick goals to work towards said their goal was to win the Lottery and never worry about money again. I have written about why this is a bad idea many times and it STILL gets turned in as homework. In fact I have to deal with the request for people to win the Lottery so often that I have the following saved amongst my form e-mails that I send out:

Sorcery can shift probability in your favor, and open opportunities where there were none, but some probabilities are just to long on the odds to be managed.

Just to give you an idea, while it varies state to state, on average your chance of winning the big pot in a Lottery is one in 18 million. Your chance of being struck by Lightning is one in 2,650,000. About 45 times more likely than you winning the lottery. If you drive 10 miles to buy a lottery ticket, its about 30 times more likely for you to die in a car accident on the way than it is for you to win the Lottery.

Now, magic does indeed make your probability of winning greater than the norm, as it does for everyone else using magick to win the lottery. Perhaps it reduces your chance from one in 18 million to one in 9 million or even one in 1 million. Not great odds. 

Of course since so many people would like to use magick to win the lottery, its pretty safe to assume that there are thousands of people aiming their magic at any given lotterypot. Most of this magic cancels each other out. 

Now here is the greatest rub. Lets say you win! 75% of people that win the lottery end up flat broke just seven years later. This is because they never took the time to understand money or how it works. If they did, they wouldn't have pinned their hopes and dreams on willing lottery.

2. Patron/Benefactor: A number of occultists have pined for the days of rich benefactors and patrons of the arts that would supply them with enough money to carry on their magic without the burden of earning a living.

The problem here is that the life they envisioned never really existed for anyone. Yes, there were people with rich benefactors. There still are. The problem is that the effort it takes to keep these benefactors is often more stressful than a regular job. One of my favorite books that all would-be-Sorcerers should read is Baltasar Gracian's "Art of Worldly Wisdom". Gracian was a Jesuit, but this book is filled with pithy Machiavellian tidbits aimed at keeping yourself in the company of the powerful and wealthy.

A great deal of care and conniving is often required when dealing with a patron. Sometimes the price is the integrity of your work. There are a lot of scholars who feel that the stories about Hoodoo initiations in New Orleans that fill the last few pages of Zor Neal Hurston's Mules and Men were fiction written primarily to titillate her rich white benefactor in New York who was essentially paying her to travel and report back with wild stories about what savage activities black people got up to down South. I myself have seen how the son of an important Patron can get recognized as a Tulku in exchange for some land in Mexico. Do you think Dee and Kelley wanted to travel around central Europe during the most of the 1580's putting on hokey alchemical experiments trying to get backing for their work? Nah

My advice is simple: Get your shit together and take care of business. How you do that is a subject for other posts. The thing that I want you to take home is that once you get your shit together, you need to keep your shit together and take care of business. At no point will it be ok to not keep your shit together and take care of business.  There are no exceptions.

Rich people may not have the stress of debt, but they have to tend their wealth throughout their life. Rich people who do not keep track of their finances get it all taken away from them. Think that Leonard Cohen wanted to be touring at 76 years of age? Nah, his manager ripped him off cuz he did not have his shit together and did not take care of business. Think Annie Leibovitz wanted to put up the rights to her photos as collateral for a loan? Of course not. MC Hammer? Nicholas Cage? Ed Mc Mann? Don Johnson? The list of rich and famous who lost or nearly lost everything is long and all of them have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is? Thats right. They didn't keep their shit together and take care of business.

I can almost hear some of you whining internally as you read this: "But Jason, I am a magician, an artist, a mystic. I have no interest in finance and economics. I just want it to be out of the way!". I know some of you are thinking this because these exact words were spoken to me after a class in financial magic. I will tell you what I told that young man. "To bad. Your a fucking adult. Time to nut-up and handle your business. I am not telling you to become Ben Bernanke. Just figure out how to best make money for yourself and keep your head above water."

Or as Snoop Dogg so wisely does "Keep my on my money and my money on my mind".

Speaking of Snoop. This is the greatest cover of any song ever.


Skybrighte said...
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apel said...

Ah, the joys of being an adult. :-) My favorite money spell is going to the office 5 days a week. So far it's working.

Skybrighte said...
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Skybrighte said...

Eh, sorry for spamming your comment space. I can't seem to get out what it is I'm trying to say this evening. x.x'

Jow said...

I see your snoop, and raise you Rick Ross' "Every Day I'm Hustlin'"

Jason Miller, said...

@apel: Now thats the other side of the equation. Simply going to work isn't magic. Most people do that. What magic is done for promotion? What magic is dome towards developing passive income streams? What magic is done towards investments etc?

Miss Sugar said...

Yeah, I'm with you with Snoop and Jow with Rick and then I'd go "Hip Hop is Dead" to get you *super* amped to do this.

Thank you for saying this. We have a *lot* of people in the magical community who die sick, broke and alone. Even with the community, even with patrons.

It is *your* job to prepare for *your* future, no one else's. And if you want to be an artiste of any kind including magical, you better have your shit together in the forms of 401K, Roth IRAs, etc. so you're not eating dog food when you're old.

apel said...

Jason: If it's that easy for you, congratulations! There are plenty of people for whom it does take magic, me included.

Miss Sugar said...

@ Apel - I don't think Jason is saying it's easy, I think he's saying you need to use the mundane *and* the magical for the best results.

Using myself as an example, I started getting serious about my second income stream which was a good thing because my company went under. I can now use my secondary income stream as my primary income stream and my teriary income stream as my secondary income stream.

In plain English, I was an Admin for a tiny company for six years. In my spare time I became a freelance writer who also liked to spin yarn. Spinning yarn and writing are incoming generating. My day job company went under and I can now use my writing as a primary income source and my spinning as a secondary source.

Magically, I keep it simple but I keep it going. I have prosperity plants (desert roses) that I keep watered. I have a honey jar that is loaded with herbs and intent. I burn a green candle on it weeklyish. I have a tiny hand mirror over my stove (in feng shui, your burners represent your money so multiplying them is a good thing). I have another mirror with sigil work on it. I keep a shot glass filled with water, quarters and sugar to keep income coming in.

Chrys said...

There's an SJ Tucker song with the line "If you can find it in your dreams you can find it at your day job," and that's where my head's been at lately.

From my own animist-ish paradigm, I try to see the myth/magic in all aspects of my life, and eventually all transactions form or reflect a ritual or meaning of their own. Why else would so professions have patrons saints and the like? With a bit of a perception-shift, it's not hard to find patron gods or relevant myths to our modern lifestyles.

Work and day jobs aren't always fun or easy, but then neither is magic. Yes, the financial state of the world is really frakked up, but don't we deny the magical side of life by trying to ignore the mundane?

Jason Miller, said...

@apel: Easy? Hell no man. It's not easy. It's work and it takes magic for me as well. That is what the post is about. Its about doing real work and not just wishing for it all to go away.

Noira said...

Kind of stupid, huh, I though your students have much more realistic goals to attain. Real problem is how to start seeing the opportunities. before I started my own business, I didn´t see shit - only then I realized there´s many more way how to earn money than getting married to a rich man :-) Which is probably a classic kind of spell, too, right?

Jason Miller, said...

@Noira: My Students by and large have chosen excellent goals. Remember there are 230+ people in the course and it grows every day! If I single out a few odd examples, that is not indicative of the whole.

Also, a lot of people try Lottery Magic. I have tried it. Why wouldnt you try it? It's not stupid to play at, its just not a good serious financial goal for yourself.

Angry Angelus said...

I've posted a few more thoughts on winning the lotto and magic here:

todaynow said...

Like money. When you need it, it shows up. When you get excess, it disappears. For ANY reason. Same with knowledge, power, glory, skills, abilities, education, etc. It will all be used up. The universe is based on balance. "To whom much is given, much is required." Same shit, different face.
So, I'll let the 'tool' do the work, and not waste myself.
Any more than necessary.