Sunday, January 9, 2011


As some of you know, while the SS course is designed to work with just about any style of magic, there are spirits and sigils connected with the Strategic Sorcery Arcana. Some of these were presented in the one of the lessons that contained the Strategic Sorcery Mini Grimoire. I have gotten some really good feedback from people who chose to work with them, and since I havent posted a field report in a while, I figured it was a good time.

Here is the e-mail that I received yesterday from a student. Name and country have been omitted

As I wrote in the first homework my original goal was:

"My goal would be to get a visa here in COUNTRY X.  I have been living my partner for 5 years, but as I am in an homosexual relationship, I don´t have any rights in this country, so couldn´t find a job, etc. I am waiting for my papers to come via mail, but they are very late. After that, we will try a civil union, and then, try to get a visa. I don´t know if it is possible to enchant our way into the state´s bureaucracies :-)"

I began the process almost two years ago, when the Constitutional Court allowed same sex couples the right of economic and civil partnership. But a lot of troubles, including the divorce papers from my partner that disappeared from the court, and then the own court burned down!

First I tried the Justice spell from The Sorcerers Secrets, no results. I also tried St Expedite and it was clear he wasn´t doing his job. Then I tried Patotriel from the SS grimoire combined with Ganesha.

I made several offerings to Ganesha, asking to help Patotriel to open the roads. I used "open road" oil and a white candle. I invoked the archangels of every direction and to each one I would pore breath the element and ask for their help  (like, "water, wash away the troubles, etc"). Did the same with the planetary powers.

I also had some links with earth that I took from the notary.

My goal was the end of the year to get my visa. Then I had to travel back to my home country, december was coming, and none of the papers seemed to get here.

Then we went asking again, and suddenly, after two years, it all got solved in less than a week, no huss no fuss, nobody asked none of the numerous documents that have been asked over and over... nothing. I got my visa this december 30th and I give many thanks to Patotriel and Ganesha. I will also begin a new job (lousy payment but what to do) this tuesday.

Thanks for the course.


Phoenix said...

Awesome results! I can't wait until I get to that part of the course.

The course is excellent and I've adapted well to the content so far, I feel like the offerings I've been making have been welcomed by local spirits. I've been lucky enough to have 'missed' being in a serious accident recently on a highway - the car in front of me and the car behind me, not so lucky. Car infront of me hit the vehicle in front, the car behind me was hit from behind by a bus. I on the other hand, was miraculously saved from any bingle and have no doubt it's because i'm being watched over.
Thanks Jason!

Alexandra said...

If it's your birthday today then best wishes to one of my favorite sorcerers !

Anonymous said...

This is totally unrelated, but I wonder if you've seen this - it's up on the WSJ site as a link to a slideshow of picture's from Jintao's visit to DC.

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