Saturday, January 1, 2011



One of the things that I promised would be in the pipeline for 2010 was Video posts. Well, in the final hours of 2010 I recorded this. Sadly I had some issues uploading it, so it is hitting the blog in 2011.

Its one take, and done on my IPOD4G so its not exactly studio quality. There may or may not be more in the future depending on feedback.

With all that in mind, please enjoy this video where I FINALLY teach "The Gesture of Conjuring" that I allude to in the books.


WitchDoctorJoe said...

Hahaha behold the power of "a" or rather the absence of an a.

Great video, I hope you keep doing them. I loved the gesture, I've have my own but am always looking for new ones, I really like this one, thanks for sharing.

If I recorded my self trying to learn this gesture I could win a comedy award!

Jesse said...

I enjoyed this post, Jason! The concept of a Gesture of Conjuring is somewhat new to me, but I really enjoyed learning about this one. I hope you keep doing video posts.

Anonymous said...

Nice video. :)

This seems to look like something similar what my lamas have done during tantric empowerments, which I have attended. But I suppose that it is not a complete coincidence.

Brother Christopher said...

oooo thats tricky. I am going to have to watch this video a couple of times to figure this gesture out.

emv5 said...

Awesome! Definitely see how it would practically impossible to describe in words; so definitely thank you for sharing. Made it very obvious, concise and useful - please do continue to do more video posts!

The Scribbler said...

Let me see (tongue sticking out on my upper lip while I'm working): pinkies together... turn hands... shit! Why are my pinkies on the side toward my chest? Try again. Pinkies hooked... turn hands... wait! Now one hand it pinkie-toward-chest, the other is thumb-toward chest. Again! Pinkies hooked... turn hands... crap!

This is as tricky as some aikido moves!

But I'll get it eventually!

Cool video. Glad to finally see The Man in action. More video!

Alisa said...

Thank you so much for this one! I hope to see more of your videos. Happy New Year!

Ron said...

Thank you for the video Jason and Happy New Year to you. Audio/video instruction is rarely used by teachers and authors of magick but it would be of great benefit to students. I hope this is one of but many videos that you post on your blog. Who knows, there might be some money making opportunities there as well.

Melissa said...

This was great! It was fun to put a face and voice with the name and words.

Not sure I'm coordinated enough to do that gesture though!

Rufus Opus said...

Hey man, awesome vid. Excellent beginning, and way to keep covenant! Respect.

More would be good, excellent start, and I really like the background of books. The only thing I didn't like was the tie, but mostly because I never picture you wearing a tie in my mind's eye. :)

Al said...

It has to be said: a tie? Really?


All the love, brother!

Lonnie said...

That was fun! I enjoyed the video. I can understand why you wouldn't even try to write it down. Reminds me of black belt magazine taking snap shots of techniques in motion. It just doesn't really capture what's going on there.

I like the gesture as well. I'm with Joe on this one. I would give him a run for his money for the comedy awards. Definitely keep the video coming.

C-Style said...

Great video! Please consider making more! You ARE the brightest Sorceror of your Age! Agree with Bro. Christopher and Melissa, though, gotta train the hands and brain to perfect that technique!

Happy New Year!

The Unlikely Mage said...

As a member of the second cycle who is getting rather close to the homework that would require a gesture of this sort, I'm glad that you've made a video of it! I'd love to see more as well. It was your blog and R.O.'s blog that really got me back into doing magic.

Frater EH'e, said...

Hey Jason -

Wow, I had forgot about these. Great video & nice tie! That really helps splain a lot. You did that with your ph? What'll they think of next. Please do as many of these as possible.

And while your at it please consider using the opportunity to pronounce a few words at the end. Just mention the book or lesson and page number and then

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was most helpful, I always wondered what was meant by 'The Gesture of Conjuring'
I look forward to seeing some more of your videos

Pallas Renatus said...

I have no idea why, but your voice reminds me of one of the two guys from Chasing Hermes. Odd.

shahrukh said...

Thank you . Good to know about this little movement of gest