Sunday, December 6, 2009

Garchen Rinpoche in Philadelphia

For those in the area that are looking for a good introduction to Tibetan Buddhism from a truly impeccable master, this is a golden opportunity.

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche Teachings

Philadelphia January 8-10

I am very excited to share that H.E.Garchen Rinpoche will be making his
first visit to Philadelphia next month!

Garchen Rinpoche is a renowned Tibetan Buddhist Master from the Drikung
Kagyu Lineage. He was born 72 years ago in Eastern Tibet and was
recognized as the incarnation of a heart disciple of Jigden Sumgon who
was previously Nargajuna’s disciple. Rinpoche was about to finish a
traditional 3 year retreat when he was imprisoned for 20 years during
the Cultural Revolution. Yet like Milarepa, Garchen Rinpoche was able
to realize the Dharma while facing obstacles. In prison he studied under
a Great Dzogchen Master and was a respected teacher upon his release.
Rinpoche now teaches Dharma around the world, touching students with his
bright love.

Milarepa is a famous 11th century yogi who transformed from a blackmagic
to an enlightened saint within one lifetime of diligent practice. His
songs and life were recorded by his disciples and have inspired
practitioners for centuries.

The teachings will be offered free of charge, the suggested donation is
$40 per session or $150 for the entire weekend. Funds raised will help
support Rinpoche’s schools in Eastern Tibet, providing literacy, food,
clothing and water to Rinpoche’s homeland.

Please contact Margaret Ferringo to register for the teachings and to
sign up for lunch. or 267.241.7606

The schedule is below:
7pm-9pm Ethical Society of Philadelphia (1906 S. Rittenhouse square)
Free Public Talk: Cultivating a Clear Mind and an Open Heart
Rinpoche will talk about how to practice Bodhicitta in everyday life.

10am-12pm Pu Men Temple (1023 Race St. Chinatown)
Vajra Songs of Realization: Teachings from the Great Yogi Milarepa Rinpoche will bestow a Milarepa Empowerment
12pm-2pm lunch break. Vegetarian lunch will be available for $10/person.
2pm-5pm Rinpoche will teach from the 100,000 songs of MIlarepa, explaining different levels of meditation and realization.

10am-12pm Pu Men Temple (1023 Race St. Chinatown)
Continuation of the 100,000 songs of Milarepa.
12pm-2pm lunch break. Vegetarian lunch will be available for $10/person.
1-2pm Presentation and Slideshow about Rinpoche’s Humanitarian projects
2pm-5pm Continuation of the 100,000 songs of Milarepa.

At the end of the teaching Rinpoche will also be offering Bodhisattva Vows and Refuge vows for those interested.

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Anonymous said...

Just sent the e-mail to attend. Is this one of your teachers?