Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 kinda rocked.

Became a dad, twice in two minutes. Became an uncle. My second book hit the shelves and is getting good reviews. Finally got a professional looking website, with help from Donald Leitch. Started he Strategic Sorcery Course, now up to 78 students. Lectured on both coasts thanks to Frater POS and MyGal. Gave my first full day intensives. Serviced more clients than ever before. A solid year.

I did however fail at one thing that I made a very public vow about... I did not loose 60 pounds. I did not even loose 6 pounds. I am in fact exactly the same weight as I was a year ago.

Why? Because I didn't even try. By the end of January I realized that with the kids and everything else that I wanted to do, this was not the year to screw around with my diet. True i am overweight, but I am quite spry, can function on very little sleep, have low blood pressure and good cholesterol count.

I did however make a magical vow. I had to do a bit of work to repair the damage from breaking that one, but at least I know how to do it before it was fully broken, so I did'nt get the blow back that one gets if one does not address the issue.

This year, there will be no magical vow for weight loss. I have a plan, a good one, but I need to keep it a secret until about halfway. Its all about the right motivation. Thats all I'll say.

I have a lot of great things planned for 2010. Stronger focus on the "Strategic" part of Strategic Sorcery in the blog. Introducing Video posts and possibly cd's for sale. More media appearances. More one day intensives and hopefully a full weekend training here in New Jersey.




Samuel Johnson said...

I'm a skeptic to most diets, but I recently purchased a system designed by a guy I have great respect for. I wasn't ever seriously overweight, but just a little bit chubby and even though I'm sure I could have made some common sense changes to clear it up, I decided to try and do everything right. I always did workout though and was interested in exercise physiology etc, and this was a guy known in that field. So I bought his system, which is about for-life daily eating habits: not just a temporary diet. The fat just fell off me (although I did increase my exercise, but I'm sure this will work with just a daily walk or somesuch).

If you're interested in taking a look, it's Precision Nutrition from It's not easy by any means (calling for 4-6 meals a day, and the serious reduction of starchy carbs such as bread, potatoes and rice), but I found it well worth it. And the idea is to make them habits, and so while the first fortnight was impossible for me to eliminate bread (I kept succumbing to a large sandwich at night), it is now not even a slight problem for me. I highly recommend you at least give it some consideration.

Frater EH'e, said...

That sounds great Jason. It definitely looks like you have a solid plan. As for myself, I resolve (not magically 'vow,' cause something is liable to come up, yeah, that's it, something is liable to come up:) to finish your course on time and to finish all of the homework assignments as they are presented.

Same goes for R.O.'s course too. But I'm hedging on some of Warnock's courses - lol.

As to losing weight - I'm very comfortable with my current BMI. Hell, six-foot\220 ain't that bad. Plus after next year I'm thinking a little extra stored energy reserve won't be such a bad idea -- 2012 and all. Eh, good luck with all you plans and goals and pass the black-eyed peas...

My best to the family,

Frater EH'e...

Lycan said...

Get your hands on the Eat This, Not That series of books. It's done by the staff of Men's Health. Treat meals like you would a ceremony. Put together plans. I also suggest Men's Health Magazine. The put out a new 15 minute workout every month. If you treat it like a circuit workout, you'll see those 60 start going in a hurry.

Just some tips that may add to your plan's success. Good luck!

Dohmnaill said...
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Jason Miller, said...

Edited to show your real name Don

Qabalier said...

I've just learned about Tim Ferriss' next book, 'Becoming Superhuman', and I was wondering if your plan would have anything to do with that. (of course, keeping it secret is usually a good idea...)

That tentative title sounds a bit like the practical side to that GD vow to "become more than human",so...
Are you leaving most specific 'technical details' about sorcery for your Course and focus the blog of self-help -for lack of a better term- or at least generic (ie 'multi-platform') implementation strategies?

Jason Miller, said...

No, my atempts have nothing to do with Tim's new book, other than I would have to be in much better shape than I currently am in order to mess around with the stuff that he gets into with the body.

I am less interested in his body hacking than his business and time management hacks.

And, no I am not going to leave most specific details on Sorcery to the course. I will comment on sorcery just like always. I only mentioned a re-focus on the strategic part because going over the year, a lot of posts have strayed from that ideal and into the realm of a more mainstream occult blog. I want to change that and be more focused.