Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More on Lines of Transmission

In Response to my post yesterday, JM wrote the following: 

"How does this work? It would seem to me that a valid transmission would transform each carrier of the message to at least a semblance of an enlightened or illuminated presence, sufficient to preclude behaviors like nail-gunning babies to anything. If not, and if we cannot look to the results of the carriers as indicators of the quality of their spiritual payloads, then how can we evaluate the value of the transmission?

In other words - I typically would dismiss any habitual baby-nail-gunner as spiritually corrupt to a point that I would limit my learnings from them to "what not to do". If I shouldn't do that, if doing that somehow limits me from noticing other value that qualifies them as legitimate carriers of a powerful spiritual current, then how should I look for that value? What qualities, characteristics or results could indicate possible value enough that I ought to overlook what I otherwise consider clear spiritual deficits?"

Excellent points, so excellent that I thought that they should form the basis of another post rather than remain in the comments section. It exposes a couple issue. 

The first is that of over expectation. There is no transmission that will transform the carrier into an "enlightened or illuminated presence" in and of itself. If there were we would just give it out like pills and all would be well with the world. The types of transmission that I was speaking of do change you for sure, but they do not make you enlightened, or even better. Just different. 

The transmission forms the base from which one would begin ones path. That is all. 

It is entirely possible that someone possesses this transmission and does absolutely nothing with it spiritually. Or, more likely, screws it all up and fails at the work. Or even more likely, makes some progress but still remains a flawed being, and therefore someone who commits errors. In either of these three cases they are still in possession of thing and able to pass it on because the working is in the work, not the worker. 

It would be as if I got initiated into the best most kick ass magickal order on the planet by a complete dullard or shithead. I received the initiation one way or the other. I might have receieved some additional benefit from being initiated by a great magus, but the essence of it was still transmitted. What I do with it from that point on is up to me and is not determined by how good or bad my initiator was. 

My Minerval initation was REALLY lame. It was poorly performed in a shitty space. It effected my time in the OTO not one iota. 

Now, as to eavluating the worth of the transmission, there you are completely correct. If people that have the transmission and work it are not producing results than I wouldnt want it. But that is a totally separate issue than the mechanics of how a line is transmitted. 

In the case of Cliff questioning the integrity of a Christian transmission, I submit that for every person of intolerance and ignorance that I have met within the tradition, I have met 10 more who are moved to extreme acts of courage, compassion, and charity. For every Pat Robertson, there is a Sister Helen Prejean. I also submit that they are no worse than other religions of similar size. Its easy to point to how little violence there is in a tradition that is just over 100 years old and has less adherants worldwide than a small town. 

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