Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spirit of Hermes

"The spirit of Hermes seems to have a pronounced aversion to formal organizations. As soon as a group of humans establishes bylays and begins collecting dues in his name, he's out of there."

The above is from  "On Becoming an Alchemist, A guide for the Modern Magician". by Catherine MacCoun. I was passed it by my firend Jenn this weekend, who also happens to be the authors publicist. 

I am only in the third chapter, but am loving it so far. I will have a full review when I finish. 


Dohmnaill said...

I too share that aversion.
I likewise often have found little value in any of the "alchemical" books I have ever read/skimmed through - they often seemed completely "white-light Jesus." Again, another aversion.

However, the editorial reviews seem positive to me. I look forward to reading your full review. It might be that I just need to find better books.

Mike Rock said...

I disagree with the assertion, it's a bit idealistic and ignores all the legions of scribes, accountants, bankers, merchants, Chambers of Commerce, organized crime, etc etc that have thrived quite well TYVM, and are all ruled by Hermes..