Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To Jim, on New Years Eve

Dear Jim,

It’s been nearly a year now since you left. I started the year attending your funeral, and I am ending it by preparing myself to be the father of twins. At least the plot of the year went from death to life, rather than the other way around. We didn’t find your LJ post that described your ideal funeral until it was too late. Probably couldn’t have arranged to prop your body up in the corner and make your corpse try to bite people anyway. Not that we didn’t break a few laws together while you were alive mind you…

I wish I could have called you about the news of the twins. I wish you were here for a lot of stuff this year. The Iron Man movie was awesome and Dark Knight was just equally good. You know we would have seen at least one of those together and I couldn’t help but feel your ghost as I saw each one. I finally got a video game system too. Cant help but think we would have had a good time boxing Avatars of our friends on the Wii.  

I finished my second book, Sorcerer's Secrets. It is exactly what we discussed that night with Ed at the Inkwell a few years ago. I finally was able to get it down on paper. I hope people like it. You won’t get to read it, so I dedicated it to your memory.

I’ll be sure to offer you a drink and play Lay Me Low on the 25th of January. Wish you could be here to raise a glass to 2009 with us. Happy New Year anyway.


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