Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Pact

I just read Frater R.O.'s post today where he mentions his desire to drop 20-60 lbs.

So, I contacted him and asked if he was interested in us both putting our magick where our mouths are and pledging to loose 60 lbs this year. Truth is, I could stand to loose more than that, but 60 in a year would be great.

And So: 

I, Inominandum, hereby make a magickal and public oath to have lost 60 lbs by January 1st 2010. So shall it be. 

The pictures above are pics of me from 1993 at about the weight I would like to be, and me from this year, at the weight I am now. 

Other things on my plate this year (other than the twins of course) include:
1. Stepping up my self promotion. Need to get a real site going and start actually advertizing my services. 
2. Diversify the venues that I lecture at: with this economy I can't rely on monthly lectures at only two different shops. 
3. Do a deeper study of Astrology: perhaps take one or more of the classes at Renaissance Astrology
4. Finally do my ordination (now a sub-conditionie ordination) with Tau Nemesius. All is ready we are just looking for a place and time. When we will be doing it, we will be performing JM Wards liturgy "The Abbey of Christ the King" which to my knowlege hasnt been done since he was alive. After the ordination I will re-boot the Archonoclast blog with regular Sunday updates. 
5. Do a three day Vajrakilaya retreat. 
6. Lastly. This is the year that the Hekate grimoire will finally be finished. She promised to provide the last peice of the arcana this spring. I will probably self-publish this, unless I can get New Page to do it in a HC and include some of the darker rites and spirits that she has presented me with 

And yes, I will be getting this blog back on track with regular posts about Strategic Sorcery. 

Look for a post about "material tolerance" in the next day or two. 


Lavanah said...

Well, no one will question your bravery, as you attempt to lose 60 pounds, while your wife is pregnant with twins. On the other hand, should she let you survive, it will help in keeping up after them. :)

Professional curiousity; what methods are you thinking of using?

Jason Miller, said...

Not even sure yet

I have only lost significant weight in the past twice. Both times I did it the same way: disease.

Measles in high school and Dysentery in 2000

Probably going to start off with cutting quantity and light excercise. Than I will move to switching to healthier foods overall. I plan on consulting with several spirits about this.

Lavanah said...

As I suggested to RO, you might want to consider getting your body comp done, and the standard suggestion of checking your blood pressure. The body comp can give you some useful info, and the blood pressure numbers are so you can crow about how much better they are when you've lost the weight. Once you have your numbers the spirits can help with finessing the work, itself.

Using the wayback machine (aka yahoo archives) you used to hold classes in peoples homes. Have you stopped doing that?

yuzuru said...

If you want to learn traditional astrology I can help with the general stuff... particular stuff may or may not be in my area of knoledge :-)

Persephone said...

Jay, please don't get some sort of horrible illness!

Hehehehe... I have a million weight loss spells, including one that you can run on someone else without their knowledge or approval. The pagan ethicist wouldn't like that one bit... unless the pagan ethicist wanted to lose a few pounds with no effort...


Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

All you should need is the LBRP. Just banish the weight away. :)

WitchDoctorJoe said...

you dont look like you need to loose that much, you look very proportioned and carry your weight well.

However I highly recommend swimming.

Al said...

I'm 30 pounds lighter than June. I lost five in August and five while traveling in Egypt and London. The other 20 has been since I've been ill these last two months. Nothing says weight loss like an illness and lack of appetite.

I'm down to 204 or 205 now.