Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Strategic Sorcery in Action!

Strategic Sorcery in Action!

A friend/student of mine wrote me that she was having a big meeting with someone that had been causing her many problems. She managed to get the meeting held on her turf knowing that she would have home court advantage. She wrote for advice and than followed that advice and reported back with her success. It is a fairly good example by what I mean by Strategic Sorcery so I will break it down for those that are interested in such things.

First I asked if he was bringing anyone to the meeting. He was bringing an assistant, so I suggested that she bring her own assistant as your numbers should always match or outnumber your opponents. I told her to arrange it so that her chair was the highest in the room and had something like a window or door behind it. Her opponents were to be on the other side of the table from her, as was her assistant so that they would feel like their side was “infiltrated” and they could be hit from multiple sides. Her assistants chair should be not quite as high as hers, but higher than the ones her opponents were in. If possible there should be a blank wall behind her opponents so that she can read their auras and see the philotic lines clearly.

She should than banish the room with an LBRP and dust the seats with appropriate powders: Confusion or Domination powder on her opponent’s chairs, commanding powder on hers. If she wanted to powder some documents, that would work too, as long as there is no visible residue left.

The night before the meeting she should do some kind of binding spell in her temple upon them: she chose to take the object-links that she had for them (she is a link hoarder, just like me) and ritually place them in the freezer, a slightly less yucky version of the old spell where you put the link in a beef tongue and freeze it.

Just before the meeting I suggested that she pore breath fire element and than cast the ever popular “confusion shield” that I wrote about in my first book upon herself.

When she meets them she can blast them with the fire element that she loaded up on through breath, hand shake, or will. Than encapsulate them in shields that are dark on the inside and contracted close to their body. This has the effect of infringing on someone’s personal space without actually being near them. They feel small and stifled.

In the meeting she knows to use conversational hypno-sorcery like embedded commands, yes-ladders, and anchors coupled with energy body yoga. All that stuff is covered in the upcoming book, but she has already read the pertinent chapter.

After the meeting she can take new links back to her temple and either do a commanding spell or summon a spirit to re-enforce the message that she got across to them at the meeting.

In short, rather than settle for a spell, you weave a strategy. The strategy should incorporate elements that are both magickal and mundane and combine temple magick with field magick. In this case you prepare the battle field with traps and triggers both magickal and psychological. You perform temple spells ahead of time, than do energy work just before the event. During the event you toss out more field magick while skillfully using NLP tricks. After the event you follow it up with more temple magick.

There was a lot more that could be done, but its best not to overdo something.


yuzuru said...

Interesting, thank you

Rufus Opus said...

flippin' sweet!

These are the things that matter, in the truest sense of the word, to a magician. The grimoires are all about this kind of thing, in my experience, it's not a one time blast or something flip, it's strategic. Awesome post. I'm totally linking to it.