Thursday, January 8, 2009

Classes at the Cauldron

Jason Miller. Teaching at the Cauldron in Pt Pleasant NJ

Hoodoo 1 & 2 -
Jan 29 & Feb 26

Hoodoo is a distinctly American form of Sorcery combining African, European, and Native American practices. In this two part class Jason Miller (Inominandum), a professional Rootworker, will teach the history, theory, and practice of this potent tradition of magick. Be sure to bring a notebook as DOZENS of spells, tricks, and roots will be covered.

How Magick Works 1 & 2 -
March 26 & April 30

Anyone can follow a recipe or instruction in a spell kit, but only those who know how magick works can deal with any situation instantly for themselves or others. In this class Jason Miller will teach the underlying principals of practical magick and show how these work in various spells and rituals. If you have been wondering why maybe your spells haven't been as successful as would like, or if you are just looking to take yourself to the next level, this class is for YOU!

Angels and Demons 1& 2
May 28th and June 25th

Most of the classical spellbooks of medieval and renaissance Europe dealt the with summoning of Angels and Demons. First you summon the angels to empower and bless yourself, than the demons to put them to work for you instead of against you. In this class Jason will teach very simple and straightforward methods for summoning both Angels and Demons for the greater good of all. Attendees will receive a short Grimoire written by Jason specially for this class to get you started.

Jason Miller (Inominandum) has been studying and practicing magick for over 17 years. His studies have brought him all over the world: from the American South, to Europe, to the Himalayas. He is a member of several magickal orders and craft traditions as well as being an initiate of the Nyingma and Bon lineages of Tibet. He is the author of Protection and Reversal Magick, a Defense Guide for Witches and the upcoming book "The Sorcerers Secrets, Strategies in Practical Magick".

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