Monday, January 26, 2009

7 planets are for everything

Some folks take their correspondences a bit to seriously. 

Someone asking about the Finance hands noted that I am consecrating them seven times over two weeks and put together that I am using all 7 planets in the working. 

The exact wording of their question was a bit dense, but it can be summed up by: "If its money, shouldnt you just use Jupiter?"

This is a common misapprehension. For beginners and non-sorcerers that are just looking to use a one time spell its perfectly ok to think that way: Jupiter=Money, Venus=Love, Saturn=death or ending, Mars=war or protection and so on. 

This is not however any way for a Sorcerer to think. All issues great and small have elements that can be worked on under each of the 7 planetary powers. Lets take the instance of one of the 4000 people about to loose their job at the Home Depot when they do their lay-offs that were announced today. 

Jupiter is obvious. Its the planet of increase, riches, and wealth. 

Mercury should come second. As Jupiter is the accumulation of wealth, Mercury is its movement. The fact that most of the world money exists only as data that is passed from one computer to another should givge a clue as to Mercury's importance. 

Think of Jupiter as your savings account and Mercury as your checking account. Without the flow of the latter, the former would be stagnant and eventually dissipate. Jupiter and Mercury are both equally vital for any financial work. So much so that in "The Sorcerer's Secrets" I put in a dual invocation that calls them both at once. 
Think of Jupiter as your Savings account and Mercury as your checking account. Without the flow of the latter, the former would be stagnant and eventually dissipate. 

Now lets take a look at the others. 

Sol comes instantly to mind. A burst of positive energy, divine guidance, and inspiration for new activities - extremely important when looking for work and possibly re-training 

Venus is important because nothing gets accomplished without interpersonal relations. Often its a venus working you need before the job interview, not a Jupitarian rite. 

Luna is often misunderstood as being only about deep instinct, female mysteries, dreams and the like. It is also about TIME. Want to "get right with time? Summon the archangel or intelligence of Luna and ask for an adjustment. This will help you be in the right place at the right time. Extremely important for our job seekers, no?

Mars - lets face it, there is competiton out there and mars will help you get through it in a number of ways. You may just need the martial air of command about you to stand out. You may do a mars invocation to exorcise and banish any bad luck or crossed conditions. You may also, if you are not bothered by the ethics of it, use Mars to knock off the competition. Hey: Its a dog eat dog world out there and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

Lastly Saturn is your end game. Just as you exorcised your condition with mars, you can kill your poverty with Saturn. Saturn also helps get things finished the way you want them to. Alternatively, you can banish Saturn if you feel its powers weighing down your life. Sometimes its better to get rid of an influence rather than invoke it. Very skilled Sorcerers who have the ability to directly perceive and manipulate the flow of a power can do both, banishing aspects of a force and keeping others, but its not the kind of thing that is easily taught. 

Anyway. If you have something big on your plate., you can take INOMINANDUM'S TWO WEEK CHALLENGE. Start on a Monday and invoke every other day for two weeks to cover all your bases. Every problem can be worked on by every planet. 

*If you are very clever you can start adding Uranus and Neptune to the mix, but that is a post for another day...


Quaero Lux said...

Sol is also very good for wealth, Mercury is perfect for buying and selling, and the Moon serves as a lens through which all the other planetary forces pass (from a traditional astrology standpoint this is why the Moon must always be well dignified in elections for talismans and such).

Rose Weaver said...

Excellent post. I can see we're thinking along the same lines at the moment. I worked with Jupiter yesterday, but for expansiveness of creativity and inventiveness as it sat in Aquarius, and in the seventh house to assist with expanding partnerships with my creative endeavors... as Cancer was rising. Today I worked with Sol in Aquarius, the other planets and rising sign carefully considered, to assist with rebirth, renewal. Tomorrow I work with another planet, then another. I began just before the annular eclipse and will continue until the lunar eclipse; the end goal being one of not only assisting with finances, but also rebuilding my creative foundations to help achieve my financial goals.

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.

Frater BH said...

Well said! Thank you.

Asteropaeus said...

This post is interesting. I have long believed the same thing.

However, aren't spirits offended when we ask them for things "contrary to their nature"? How do we avoid this? I say this as a newbie who has never done visible evocation.

Jason Miller, said...

We ask them for things that are in their nature, but applicable to the problem at hand. Note that in my post I did not suggest asking a spirit of Saturn to increase your wealth or Venus to destroy your competition. The trick is finding the angle of your problem that the planet works on.

Mike Rock said...

Venus also has a lot to do with SPENDING money on otherwise acquiring comforts and pleasures as well as prosperity via comforts and pleasures. :-)

If you want to acquire art supplies, musical instruments, awesome food and beer, or anything under her influence, check in her :-)