Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ascension Magick Sucks

Ascension Magick Sucks. I dont actually mean the magick of Ascending, but the book by Christopher Penczack.

I can say this without ever having read the book.

I was googling info on Platonic solids in an attempt to write up my 3-dimensional spirit trap, (think a goetic triangle or Kilaya triangle extended into a tetrahedron..) and I came accross an Amazon sample page from the book (105). My eyes immediately went to the following quote:

"Plato studied with Aristotle who was a student of Pythagoras."

ummmmmmm. Ok, I am not the smartest guy in the world but even I know this is completely wrong. Aristotle studied in Plato's Academy and was still in it when Plato died. Neither of them knew Pythagoras who died 75 years before Plato was even born. If you cant get basic shit like that right, than I just dont even want to bother with you...


David said...

I don't remember noticing that, but I really loved that book. There is a ton of really great information on there, and its really good at translating back and forth between the magical community and the new age/ascension people. I recommend it just because it helps you understand and apply all that stuff from theosophy, the Baileys, the Indigos and Crystals, etc. Try not to be too hard on him.

Jack Faust said...

Penczack has gone from odd to cracked over the years under the weight of Llywellyn's editorial style.

The problems with his books is that they aren't just filled with factual inconsistencies, but that they aim at a level syncretic blending that just doesn't correspond right.

His need to constantly insist everything he's handing out is an "Ancient Secret" is also somewhat... agonizing.

JM said...

Yeah, it makes me sad that Lon has started writing positive recommendations for crap authors like this. Maybe he has attained something worthy, but I'm not seeing it show up in his books.

0mage said...

I looked through that book at B&N too when it 1st came out.

It totally sucks.

Penczack & Newcomb's books suck.

It you don't have the realizations, don't write the book.

Don't write a book about enlightenment if you're not enlightened.