Saturday, January 3, 2009

Armor of magick circles

Most people that have worked with any of the grimoires have at times worked with a visualized circle. If you are skilled at visualization they tend to work pretty much as well for solo work as physically drawn circles do. If you are skilled at visualization heres a nifty one for you to try:

Take your favorite circle and visualize it around you. Than shrink it and place it over your heart center superhero style. Than will it to multiply, creating millions of small atomic sized replicas of itself, covering your whole body. This is particularly useful if you have a circle like the the one in the heptameron that invoked specific powers.

The idea for is taken loosely from Tibetan tech of establishing a fortress out of vajras and the armor part of the Simhamukha practices. 

Go play and let me know how it goes. 

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Jow said...

It sounds like a much simpler version of a tantric Nyssa where you invoke planets and gods and spirits with their armies and followers and bijas etc into various parts of the body.