Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dancing with the Loa

I had a very productive weekend in New Orleans . Made a new contact over at Esoterica that could lead to a potential class or two down there. When I told Mimi, the owner, I wrote Protection and Reversal Magick she got very excited. "That book flies off the shelves every time we get it in!". I bought an awsome "Leviathan Goat Pentagram" from her. This is the image from Oswald Wirth that LaVey used for the Church of Satan. It doesnt mean the same for me as it did for him of course, but its a powerful image for me. The pendant is all red, and is a good quality cast. 

The big score for the weekend was a Drapo for Papa Legba. The one pictured here is not mine, my digital camera is out of comision for the moment. Mine is actually quite a but nicer than this one. 

After getting the flag, I took it to Congo Square and found a secluded spot to draw a veve on the gound with some cascarilla, offer some Rum and call Papa with the song he made me memorize. I placed the flag over the veve and did the rest of the ritual in the astral so I didnt draw much attention to myself. I asked him to enter the flag and make it a gate to the Loa. Its now like a vortex sitting on my desk. 

I don't talk much about Voodoo here because I am not a formal practitioner. However Papa Legba has been an ever present friend since I first invoked him with a two city block long veve in the snow at 6th and pine and asked him to help me gather a tribe of magicians to work with. Thelesis was born shortly thereafter. Since then all I need do is draw his veve and ask for his help and he never fails me. Other Loa have also been kind to me. Ghede helped a friend who was deathly ill recover miraculously and another to pass swiftly. Marie Laveau and Dr John each have a bottle on my altar and help me in my sorcery business. Grand Zombie helped me tap into the current because he is the current. Most importantly, it was Erzuli Freda who got me together with my wife after leaving her veve with an offering on the corner of 6th and pine two years after I called Legba there. My wife and I honor her by hanging an ironwork Veve from haiti over our bed. So, yeah, I don't talk much about the Loa but they have been really helpful beings to know. I was going to take a Lave-tet at one point and it was actually Legba who stopped me. 

I also stopped by Our Lady of Guadalupe and left a note and offering for St Expedite. That however will remain between him and I. 

I wanted to stop by and get a reading from Alobar, but I couldnt find him on Sunday and was on the run when I saw him on Sat and only had time to pass on a hello that I promised Cliff I would deliver. 


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Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

I love esoterica! I go there all the time when I go down. I need to get back, because I just love it down there! Ah, wish I'd been more in tune when I lived down there.

I've heard the Loa often have correspondences with Christian saints. Do you know if there is a correspondence between a loa and St. John (Either the baptist or evangelist)? I'm sure there is, what with St. John the Conqueror root figuring in so prominently, but I was wondering about that, and haven't found a reference in my quick searches.