Monday, January 5, 2009

I am such a lucky dog

I love being me and I love my friends for being them.

Speaking on the phone to H about me reviewing Petersons Arbatel when it comes out. I mentioned that I just bought a shitload of books but skipped the new 31st anniversary HC of the Necronomicon because the price went up to $87 and I do have a HC snd edition. I was going to get the new HC because my 2nd ed is really torn up from use, but the cost just made it extravigant.

H tells me that just this week a copy of the new HC Necro arrived in his mailbox so that it could be reviewed in Behutet. Would I like to review it and keep that copy. Hells yes.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love me some Necronomicon...

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Anonymous said...

What think you of the sequels?