Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just had a short discussion over on the Omnimancy Forums about trans-dimensional magicks. One of their new guests was asking for a good resource, so of course I pointed him to the 10 Dimensions video. A good video, but really just a starter. Both physics and magick goes way beyond what is presented there, albeit in different directions.

Working with manipulating the dimensions of space/time/probability is a huge part of what I do, but falls under the category of things that I might be able to show you if you can see, but can’t quite explain in words. Some of the tech that I use to screw around with the dimensions I discovered intuitively by reverse-engineering spontaneous mystical experiences. Some of it I learned by watching other people do it. Some of it I learned from watching spirits do it.

Here’s an experiment for all you Solomonicaly inclined people out there: Summon a demon, angel, or nature spirit and ask it to do something for you, but ask to watch how they do it. The first time I did this, I saw the spirit open up windows into various probable futures and literally steer the present moment towards the desired outcome. Using this technique I was able to figure out a technique where I invoke the cube of space, expand that into a tesseract, focus on a specific “event thread” and than will the cube that I occupied to fold into that probably future. This works great for sorcery that needs to be accomplished in the next day or two, but not as well for long term issues.

My “Rending of Space” technique that will appear “The Sorcerer’s Secrets” is basically a 3-d version of the GD Rending of the Veil gesture. It was taught to me by a meditation teacher that worked with a strange group called “the Foundation”. I have found a thousand and one uses for it, from creating a space in a room that is easier for spirits to appear in, to actually passing unnoticed in front of people who are looking for me, to opening up the space around myself enough to project glamours onto. When I projected the same technique into working with the flow of time I was able to do some really screwy things that I am still not sure how happened.

Among the projects that I am rolling out this year, I am working on a PDF of “Advanced Sorcery” that I will sell from my website. Most of the stuff in it will be stuff that only some people will be able to understand and work with because it’s a bit fringe and because it requires the ability to see energy and astral formations directly, as well as other forms of subtle perception. Stuff like the above will be in there as will a write up called “Beyond shields, Armor”. Persephone will be happy to see a section on both “Cutting and Pasting” and “Philotic Lines”. In fact she gets a thank you in the PDF when it comes out for teaching me the term “Philotic Lines”.  I will post a preview as soon as I get more of it finished.

2009 has filled me with an almost crazed zeal to work. 


yuzuru said...

very interesting, thanks for posting that

yuzuru said...

It seens a little similar to RO´s description of him curing his children thinking of the reality as cubes.

Jason Miller, said...

Its a bit different. What he percieved is reality itself being composed of individual cubes that are elemental in nature. This is in fact the same thing one sees when one has been doing Dzogchen for awhile: reality breaks down into its five main components, though normally these are seen as spheres. It may have been the lens of Enochian that made them appear as cubes to him. His ability to manipulate the cubes comes from breaking down that pattern into workable units.

In this case I used a willed creation of a hypercube as sacred space to accomplish a shift in probable realities. Each reality appears as a 3d cube within the 4d hypercube. You are in the center of the whole thing and literally steer yourself towards the probability that you desire.

After having talked with RO recently about that experience I can say that the techniques are both good for short term work only.

Good observation though.

jase said...

What a fascinating, as well as appealing, concept. Sounds like it could be quite a challenge to get a handle on it though. I guess I'll see when your book comes out.

yuzuru said...