Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I got my copy of "Emergency" by Neil Strauss. 

I was a big fan of his books "The Game" and "The Rules of the Game". Why would a married dude be a fan of these books apart from the entertainment? Because I enjoy anything that teaches the art of living with skill. To me its part of magick. Even if you are honing your Theurgical wisdom and your Thaumaturgical prowess, you are missing a big part of the equation if you arent applying the same determination to how you live the rest of your life. 

The cultivation of skill in both mundane and magical arts is what my new book is all about. At the end of the book I recommend readers draw from books like The Game, Your Money or Your Life, and The Four Hour Work Week  as they do from traditional magical texts. 

I have only read a few pages, but I can see that I need to add "Emergency" to the list.

Here are a few chapters from Emergency that Time Ferris, author of Four Hour Work Week, put up on his Blog as a preview. 

In a similar vein, on the plane to Cali, I read Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. Fantastic Novel filled with hacker goodness. I bought mine, and you should buy yours, but you can listen or read it online for free if you would rather


Mike Rock said...

Hmm.. do you have a further bibliography Jason, other than The Game and 4 Hour Work Week and this one?

Anonymous said...

I fuckin looooove Greene's books on Seduction and the Laws of Power. Ever read those? Machiavelli eat your heart out!

Jason Miller, said...

I love Greens books. Yes.

Jason Miller, said...

I will put together a bibliography of non-occult books that work together with my magick, but I dont have one yet.

Qabalier said...

The "Jason Bourne" reference in the article reminds me of Crowley using a high-profile political assassination as an example of what a determined individual could accomplish, and giving a image of the ideal occultist which kind of resembled a highly trained special agent. (I think I've read Crowley himself worked for the Secret Intelligence Service... maybe he fancied himself an International Man of Mystery -WMT, that is- XD)