Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poltergeist and Psychokinetic Phenomina

The movement of physical objects by spirits or psi. 

This topic has come up a few times this week. Over at Augoeides, Scott is discussing it in the context of evocations and whether it has a role or not. On another private list it was discussed in the context of spellwork. In my personal life, it became an issue this week at my house within the context of exorcism. 

Some magicians do not believe it exists at all and have never witnessed it. 
Some have witnessed it and think it is a distraction from real work. 
Some have witnessed it and feel it is a sign of accomplishment.
Some would go so far as to say that without it, your magick is failing. 

My view falls into both the middle categories. 

I have witnessed it, many times in fact. Everything from lights blowing out, to physical objects moving of their own volition. So clearly, while I respect the right of people to doubt what they have not witnessed, for me, the debate over its reality is a non-issue. If you are looking to me to convince you, than you are wasting your time. I could care less about your belief in it or not. 

In the last category, folks like Lisiewski claim that unless spirits are shaking shit up in your temple, than you arent really succeeding at an evocation. A comment on the same topic by Golden Dawn Hermetic suggests asking the spirit to move a  physical object as a test of the spirits reality.

Now, very often evocations of sub-lunar spirits are accompanied by physical phenomina. In my experience, most angelic evocations are not, with the exception of Enochian "angels", which is a different ball of wax. That said, I do not see the physical phenomina as a good test. . Its a good test that you have the attention of something, but not necessarily the spirit you are looking for. The dead for instance are WAY better at creating physical phenomina than demons are  

It it true that you should not just rely upon feelings and sensations, which is why I stress meditation so strongly in my teachings. If you are adept at meditation, you will be able to tell your thoughts from outside thoughts.

I also disagree that every evocation needs to be performed to the extent that physical manifestations are present. Once you have done a few of these and have proven the reality of the evocation, you start working with the spirits in a less formal way. Forcing them into as full a manifestation as possible just to ask for something simple or update a situation that they are working on is like requesting an employee take a cross country flight for in in-person meeting just to tell them something you could have said in a phone call. 

In most cases where physical phenomina accompanies an evocation, I usually ask the spirit to knock it off, not move more shit around. 

In the context of spellwork, whether it involves particular spirits or not, I tend NOT to view physical manifestations of power as a sign of success. I remember a few years ago doing a ritual with a group of witches to effect a certain event. The ritual was accompanied by several manifestations, from items jumping off altars, to sudden flare ups in the candles. This was all viewed as a sign of accomplishment by most there, but turned out to actually be a sign of misdirected energy. We had a lot of mojo, but not a good path for it to travel along. Its like hooking up a great stereo with crappy speaker wires. 

As for being able to move specifric objects with the mind at will, in my youth I spent some time focusing on it. I got decent at directing things already in flux such as objects floating in a pool of water or clouds or other such things. As for heavier physical objects, I moved a quarter about a quarter inch once. I could never manage it again. Maybe I will give it another try, its been about 15 years or so...


Dohmnaill said...

It is funny that you mention this now... a new Craigslist ad is looking for a psychic/medium for

I remember some time ago you brought confusion and frustration at GA...
One of our old coworkers demanded to know why you thought you were moving clouds - and why they seemed to be moving.

As for myself, I moved a few cards now and then - they lifted slightly as if a by a breeze, or the edges curled up...

I one time tried experimenting with pyrokenesis. A few flickers and flares during rituals, and once after hours of intensive meditation and focus in an attempt to create fire - I gave up.... only to see a thin trail of smoke rise from the wick... I was never able to do it again. I was exhausted. I decided that matches were much better.

I always figured that "spirit-activity" was just normal... sometimes you don't notice it that much, but I don't always notice squirrels everyday either.

I privately believe that poltergeists are the spirits of squirrels... it explains the mildly random and slightly destructive nature... :)

Suecae Sounds said...

This is such an interesting topic for discussion. My hat is of to you and Augoeides for talking openly about it.

Persephone said...

Hey Jay...

Funny that you should mention the part about influencing objects already in flux, like things moving in a pool. I was just saying yesterday to a friend who needed a spell to affect her assignment at work that it's easier to change the outcome of an event that's already in progress than to initiate a new chain of events. Same thing, really.


golden-dawn-hermetic said...

"A comment on the same topic by Golden Dawn Hermetic suggests asking the spirit to move a physical object as a test of the spirits reality."

There seems to be a misunderstanding. Let me clarify my comment.

I stated that it was a primary classical test of the spirit's presence during evocation work. You need to believe that the spirits are real BEFORE you commence.

Second, this physical test is a marker point and by no means the only one.

Third, it is for a specific type of evocations. The type referenced by Ceremonial Magic book. You don't need that if you want to use a mirror and you don't need that if you are doing an angel or working Enochian.

Fourth, it is controlled. Random physically manifestations are not necessarily desirable.

Fifth, it isn't necessary for every type of spell or workings of ancient magic.

Looking forward to future interesting blogs.

Riley said...

"with the exception of Enochian "angels", which is a different ball of wax."

Very true, the first time I scryed an Enochian aethyr, the power went out throughout the entire house except it didn't click off in my room. (And the second time I scryed an aethyr there was an earthquake.) Sort of the Enochian answer to 'growing pains'.