Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mystical Tymes

Last night was the first of another battery of monthly classes at Mystical Tymes in New Hope. I hadnt lectured there at all this year and was looking forward to getting back. When I was there in December the place was practically empty and looked like it was on the verge of closing. There were also issues between the main owner and the main employee that eventually led to a parting of ways that was less than amicable. 

When I returned yesterday I was expecting to find the store perhaps a little better off than in December, and possibly even a little worse. 

I was shocked. 

The store is filled to the brim! Having once helped run a family business that eventually failed I can tell you its not easy to bring a business back from the brink, but Eric did it and did it well. 

The herbs are fully stocked.

There are more statues (of cooler stuff) than I have ever seen in there. 

Small size Reversal candles

So, I wanted to just let people know that if you have been avoiding the store because it was declining to the point that it wasnt worth the trip, you should get go check it out. Eric is in great spirits, the shelves are filled, and of course... I am teaching every second tuesday of the month. 

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