Friday, April 10, 2009

Phurba Clarification, and update.

Just to be clear, the bit about demons materializing and mamo's posessing people on the plane was a joke. 

Kilaya practitioners have a vow to carry a physical phurba with them, its mostly a reminder of the internals of the practice, but it also has its practical purposes hearkening back to the days of wandering yogis and village Ngakpas that would be called upon to do all sorts of things. 

It's all moot anyway as looking through my altar for something I found a phurba that is soft and signifcantly duller than a pen, so the airport should have no problem with it as carry on. 


Gordon_Finn said...

[looks it up]

Oh, that's what one of those looks like. I've wanted one of those since I saw The Shadow. The Golden Child never made me want to get one. Its mouth didn't move and show sharp teeth.

Anonymous said...


I am sad that you did this. I was really enjoying the demons on an airplane trip. "THERE'S SOMETHING ON THE WING!" And me without my phurba. Like the dream where your naked in class.

You know of course that Faustus is in Fresno?

Frater POS said...

I am really hoping his ass shows up to one of my talks today. Yes.