Thursday, April 15, 2010


Though I have not deliberately sought out new blogs to follow, just this past week I have encountered several that have consistently great stuff.

The first is "PRACTICAL KABBALAH AND SELF CREATION" By Jacobus G Swart.  Jacobus is the man that Bill Gray made his spiritual successor and runs the oldest Sangreal Sodality down there in South Africa. He has been a constant source of knowledge, inspiration, and help to our little Sodality here in NJ. I am so happy that he is blogging about Kabbalah, I just don't have the words. This man knows it itshay! If you have any interest in Kabbalah you need to follow him.

The next one that I am really excited about is "RUNE SOUP, ADVENTURES BEYOND CHAOS MAGIC" by Gordon. This guy understands what I mean Strategic Sorcery. He is not a student of mine or anything like that, but he understands that to make real change with magic requires not only occult skill, but adeptship in other areas as well. His posts on Magic and Economic Laws are worth the price of admission alone. Right now he has a post up detailing 10 things you can do this weekend to make your life better. I recommend everyone take him up on the challenge.

Rob at "ROB'S MAGICK BLOG" has been blogging for a while. I got drawn over there by the recent kerfluffle over the whole "core discipline of magic" thing. If you don't know what I am talking about, than don't worry about it; its not something I ever wrote about or agreed with despite news of the contrary... Anyway, after reading his posts, I want to point people over there. He is a smart fellow.

Tuesday I mentioned Devi, who blogs over at "QUEEN OF PENTACLES, CURIO AND VILLAGE WITCHERY BLOG". Really excellent advice on practical magic, from a very smart lady. She is a fellow grad of cat yronwode's Hoodoo course ( I am #99g from back when it was all e-mail) and a shop owner. Her recent post on the skills used in Evocation made a lot of ripples through the blog-go-round, but her recent post on Mojo Bags is what won my heart.

Lastly, I want to link to St Balthazar over at "GNOSTIC CONJURE". Another fellow Lucky Mojo grad that I found through RO's blog. As a lover of using dirt in spells and spirit bottles, his most recent post is one that you should check out if you like to work with materia in your magic.

They will all be added to the blog roll over on the right asap.


Frater EH'e, said...

Hey, these look great Jason - thanks. I can always use more competent perspective. I'm sure all will prove quite useful.

Devi, The Danforth Village Witch said...

Thanks for the plug, and the tips on more great blogs for me to add to my roll! I look forward to reading them.

By the way, I am *really* enjoying your class. Life got in the way the past few months, but I will get caught up on my homework in the next little while. There were some great tidbits in your lessons on materia, and I'm eating up your latest topic!

One day, I would love to hear more about your spiritual work in the Pine Barrens, as I've been a lifelong student of the paranormal!

Thanks again for all your fantastic information.

St.Balthazar said...

Thanks for the plug Jason! And look, another South African occult blogger. Great stuff.

Gordon said...

I understand what you mean by strategic sorcery? Well, I'm so glad I paid full retail for your book. Remind me never to take any of your classes. :)

Kidding! I eagerly await your presumably imminent announcement about some upcoming courses here in London.


Jason Miller, said...


If I had an agent in London who could recommend me to a few good locations and help promote the event, it would go a long way to getting me back over. *HINT

And of course if Iceland would stop farting volcanic ash in your general direction. That would help.