Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Field Report #5: Financial Sorcery at its Finest!

This one is probably my favorite yet. One of my students landed a Six Figure job using the methods outlines in the Strategic Sorcery Training. The best part is that the Course is not even half over yet!

As you read the report, note the way that he learns from every mistake and keeps refining his strategy to ensure success. He even starts to be able to anticipate problems with his magic before they arise.

Below is the story in his own words:

One of the things I like best about SS is the idea of using magic to inform and empower mundane work (from your blog about the nine principles of SS: “Strategic Sorcery reverses this process and tells you to do mundane work first. Form a clear strategy to attain your goal and use magic to support the details of that plan at almost every step.”)

As noted in homework 1, I have wanted to get a new job instead of my current high-pressure one. In that homework I said, “That said, I expect to use the lessons from your course for a number of practical goals. First - I want a new job (I know, really unusual). I have been looking for a transfer at work for well over a year, without success. Nothing that I want has even been advertised. However, I am now already on the way to success. I have really been working on meditation and thought management. My attitude has improved at work (I now even answer the question "how's it going?" with "fine" or "great" or "good," rather than my old responses of "so so" or "not too bad") and that has made it much more bearable through a ripple effect to most aspects of the job. I even created a mantra and used it for my password at work - I use it for several applications and type it (and recite the mantra) easily 30 times per day. Now a new job has been created for me, the new supervisor has approved my transfer, and I am only waiting for the old supervisor to approve the transfer (they don't want to let me go since I am very good at my job, but I have explained that if they do not approve the transfer, the organization will eventually lose me completely as I'll leave). Success is nigh!”

Ha, silly me. The transfer was ultimately denied by our Chief of Staff because “I am too valuable in my current job!” Now the interesting thing is the timing of the denial. I mentioned the mantra password. It essentially boiled down to “I want to leave this job.” That is when the new job was created and the new supervisor wanted to take me on board. But I kept thinking about it and about the frequent admonition to be careful what you ask for, so I added a caveat to the end. Since leaving could be anything up to and including getting fired, I added the phrase “for a better job” to the end. Within a week of doing that, the new supervisor called and told me to read the fine print about any job offer, because the next higher level of management wanted to take me and put me in a job very similar to where I am now, and not the type of job I wanted. Three weeks later, my transfer was formally denied. I’d like to think that was magic helping to prevent a mistaken career move.

So I rethought my strategy. An unofficial transfer request would leave me at the whims of management. Submitting a formal application for a posted position would be a much more targeted approach. The actual position description would be posted and would not be subject to change (barring reassignment). I met with the new supervisor, we discussed options, and he agreed to post an actual position (he legitimately was one person understaffed). I would have to submit an application and compete against others, but I would have a good shot at the job based upon my skills and experience. The job opening was announced on January 24, 2010.

On January 31, I attended your all day intensive class on Protection and Security Magic. During that class you discussed amulets, specifically one of red and black for the sword and shield of Mars and Saturn. While that did not really seem to apply to my situation, it made me stop and think about the Planets (which I had never used before in this manner) and amulets and what I could do. After some review, it seemed like Jupiter fit (not just to accumulate wealth, but for wealth, abundance, and success in general, and for Health, since I wanted a less stressful job to improve my health), as did Mercury (I would need thought and intellect to help write my resume and job application, which would be related to business, and Mercury would help with the movement from the old to the new job). This worked with your thoughts of using these Planets as a pair for financial magic in TSS.

I decided to make a small amulet with the planetary seals (below) traced on paper (I do not draw well, so I printed them first, then traced them on clean paper on top of the printout), Mercury in orange and Jupiter in blue, that I could keep on my desk as I prepared my application. After tracing them I charged them with a slightly altered version of your invocation from page 133, adding lines about getting a new job that would be financially rewarding and in a healthier environment. After completing and submitting the application, I brought the amulet to work, and kept it there to change the atmosphere in my personal office. I also had it with me when I spoke with my current supervisor about my reasons for wanting to leave this position and seek another.

This is long enough, so here is a quick summary of the results. The position was posted for three weeks and was open to any current employee of my federal agency (over 2,500 employees who would have met the minimum qualifications to apply). I was the only applicant for a job that pays $89,000 to $115,000! I was selected for the position, and this time the transfer was approved (with the support of my current supervisor after our meeting above). I start my new job on May 10! So I carefully followed the mundane steps required to get the new job, and supported those steps with magic (the mantra, thought management, and Planetary magic). I’m a believer!

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k. sequoia said...

This is the best example yet of a clear and focused intent, with every day applications to support one's magic.

Congratulations! (To you both, student and teacher)

Kim @redhandferi