Monday, April 26, 2010

Why people Fail at Financial Magic

Over at Rune Soup, Gordon made a post about why certain approaches to money magic are doomed. His post was inspired, at least in part, but my chapter on Financial Magic in TSS. Frater R.O. followed up his post with his own, also noting my theories on financial magic. That is way cool. I like that this approach is catching on.

Since I wrote The Sorcerer's Secrets I have done a lot more thinking on the topic. I have now developed a full day Financial Sorcery Intensive that I launched at Soul Journey in Butler last weekend, and hope to bring to other locations soon. If I ever get the time to submit the required sample chapters, this will also be the topic of my third book with New Page Press.

Obviously the intensive and the book go into greater detail than I can on the blog, but since I was referenced in two posts, and I cannot resist jumping on a meme as it passes through the blog-go-round, I figured I will comment on Gordons original topic of why Abundance magic does not work out for a lot of people.
There are actually a number of flaws in how most people approach abundance magic, or as I like to call it, financial magic. I shall list Four that I find common:

1. The first is the one that Gordon mentioned: perspective. If you call up Tzadkiel and ask to be rich or wealthy (which i count as two separate things) he is going to look at you in the context of the whole world. If you make over 23k a year, you are in the top 10% income earners on earth. If bring in over 40K a year you are in the top 1% income earners on earth. Even if you are way below the poverty line in America you have access to a social safety net, clean free water, free libraries, homeless shelters, free clinics, etc. It's not a picnic. But compared to life making the median income in Nepal you are doing WAY better.

If however you call Tzadkiel and say: "Here is my realistic business plan that I want you to help me impliment so that I can increasy my income to seven figures within the next five years" Tzadkiel has a lot more to work with. Its not that you are too rich more magic to get you more. Its that you are asking for the wrong thing.

2. The second problem people have is unrealistic expectations. They want magic to work like it does in movies - it doesn't. In terms of practical magic you can altar probability and effect people's minds. That's it. The amount of power and realization you have determines how much you can do this. When I gave people in my course the assignment of stating a realistic yet difficult goal to achieve with magic, two of the first ten relied that they wanted to win millions in the Lottery so they would be wealthy for life. It seems like this would be simple to effect with magic because it is random, and maybe is you have mastered telekenesis and can get within site of the drawing it is. In terms of probability though its not easy.

While it varies state to state, on average your chance of winning the big pot in a Lottery is one in 18 million. Your chance of being struck by Lightning is one in 2,650,000. About 45 times more likely than you winning the lottery.If you drive 10 miles to buy a lottery ticket, its about 30 times more likely for you to die in a car accident on the way than it is for you to win the Lottery. Also, given the amount of people that say they want to win the lottery with magic, you have all the competing magic out there aimed at any given pot.

3. Third problem is Financial illiteracy. Let's say that you are the Uberarchmagus that day and manage to bring home several million. The whole reason that you want to win the big one is so that you never have to worry about money again, because you are a spiritual person and dont really like thinking about it. You are like most people who win. Turns out that 75% of people that win the big pots in the lottery end up in deeper debt than they started with just 7 years down the road. They never took the time to learn the laws of money - if they did, they would not have been so focused on the lottery.

This plays out in all money drawing magic. In my experience, drawing small sums works quite well. The problem is that people don't know what to do with money when they get it. If you want mammon to serve you, you must learn its behaviors. It is a spirit. It has likes and dislikes and protocols for being worked with. If you do not learn them, it will kick your ass.

4. Emergency magic is the fourth problem. I would bet that 90% of the money magic worked in the world is done to remedy a problem and maintain the status quo rather than build something new. It is really easy to enchant your way into keeping the same dead end job and slum apartment for the rest of your life. People say they want big things, but too often we focus on avoiding the necessary dissolutions of comfort that will eventually lead to bigger and better things. The last day job I held was one that I REALLY liked. It was easy, took me all around the area, and gave me oodles of free time. It was however not going to get me anywhere in the future. If I stayed for 20 years I would probably be in the same position because it was a position created specifically for me and outside the normal flow of positions in the company. When I got a heads up that it would be ending, I did nothing to prolong it because I knew I would be better off letting it go and building something better. I'll let you know how that turns out :-)

There are other reasons that financial magic doesn't work out for people as well: they don't do anything to move their "Set Point", they turn to much of their life over to spirits, they have anti-materialist leanings, they just have no gift for sorcery. The list could go on, but these four are the main reasons that so much financial magic fails. If you can avoid those you will be ready to work with the real secret of money magic.

What is the real secret of making money with magic?

It's knowing how to make money without magic!

The same rules apply. The same systems of generating income and limiting spending are used. The same balance sheets and income statements are examined. The same income generating assets are acquired. The difference is that magic will increase your chances of succeeding because you can improve probability and plant seeds in people's minds.


Gordon said...

Ahhh, probability... One of my favourite subjects and something that has improved my magic more than just about anything else.

I have this theory that lottery magic does in fact work but 'probability enhancement' drops your chances down from 1 in 45 million to 1 in 20 million. Hence, it's a waste of time if you actually do the numbers.

But it's just a theory.

In other news I am very much looking forward to that book. How many times a day can I ask you how it's going? :)

Jason Miller, said...

Well. Sadly the book comes 5th in a daily priority list that goes something like:

1. Taking care of twins.
2. Daily meditation/ritual obligations
3. Strategic Sorcery Course
4. Gym
5. Book.

It will get done though

Rufus Opus said...

The second problem people have is unrealistic expectations. They want magic to work like it does in movies - it doesn't. In terms of practical magic you can altar probability and effect people's minds. That's it.

Ok, I tend to agree with you, most practical magic falls into this category. But you mentioned that there are exceptions to the rule in a comment thread a couple of weeks ago. And of course I can't find it. But there are levels of attainment that transcend these limitations, right?

Does the desire for the kind of manifestation people generally want from magic get transcended when you get the power to manifest that desire?

Jason Miller, said...


Yes. It is true. I have actually seen very realized people bend the laws of physics.

This is VERY high level stuff however, and I hesitate to even categorize it as "practical magic".

It is really all based on consciousness itself being a basic building block of reality. When you get a glimpse "Beyond the Abyss" or at Rigpa, or a similar state of realization; the two points that I mentioned actually become seen as inseparable.

Unfortunately to really do the kinds of things that we are talking about, bending and breaking physical laws, you need more than a glimpse into this state of awareness, you need to integrate it into your living levels. This is what separates the true masters from the rest of us.

The desire to manifest does not cease at this point, but the motivations and goals certainly become radically different.

Rufus Opus said...

Ok, as long as I still want piles of gold when I can manifest them at will, I'm good.

Gordon said...

That's the catch, isn't it, RO?

Far better to lay some leprechaun traps while we're still unenlightened.

You think anybody's tried to water board them, yet?

Anonymous said...

Nice Post~!!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Miss Sugar said...

This was a really good follow up to the other blogosphere posts, thank you! We (Jow & me) have been working on our wealth magic and altar since your lecture in New Hope. To be completely honest, the altar aspect hasn't been super productive (yet!) but your entry inspired us to figure out how to reconfigure it.

Ali (one of the moneyhands I was lucky enough to receive in your last batch) has been working hardcore.

We have definitely been working on our second streams of income with success!

C-Style said...

Great posts! I've actually have never wanted great wealth...other than when I used to watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (lol). I've found (or remember from some previous incarnation), that it takes away from the fun of "getting there." However, I would like to build wealth by being able to have my ideas be given the green light/be financed by those who do have money. I don't mind the hard work, I just want to find like-minded individuals who will help me bring my ideas to market...say when an author is lucky enough to get an agent who starts a bidding war over his book and gets him/her a seven-figure deal!

Anonymous said...

"In terms of practical magic you can altar probability and effect people's minds. That's it."

Altering people's minds is pretty much what I've heard from the old school witches about their methods for making money.

There is another method though. There's a magician I've heard about. He turned a basement into a workshop where he did rituals and such. When he needed money, he would go into his workshop, then he'd come out after a little bit with jewels or gold coins. Some people believe he had treasure buried down there, but no one knows where it came from and it never seemed to run out.

Some of his family members believe that he was physically walking into other worlds where these things were stored, or were so abundant that they would be worthless, and bringing them back into this world. Some of his family members claim to have this ability, to move into other worlds, but I've never seen any of them do it and I've never heard of any of them actually proving they could do it to anybody else. I guess he may also have been just a master alchemist that could turn lead into gold.

Just another possible method for abundance magick. I actually have one of that practitioner's tools. It was given to me because I was able to get it to work. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out but a fraction of what I think it may be capable of. I also haven't been able to figure out exactly how it works or how you would go about making another one. He might hold a piece of the secret to walking into those worlds.

Another method that was brought up to me was shifting histories through fractured souls. Some people like to incorporate the fractured soul theory into the physics multi-world theory, and if you do, then if you bought a lottery ticket there is a reality where your numbers won. Even if this isn't the case, there is probably a reality where you're better off.

There are methods where you can shift the histories of worlds so you exchange some aspects of your life with your other. Generally after doing so nobody in either reality would even know anything changed (there are of course exceptions).

Even if you don't want to employ this method for whatever reason, it brings up another issue with prosperity magic. Since you're magically inclined and capable, we can assume that several of your others are too. Some of your others may also have figured this method out and be willing to use it to get what they want.

With so many alter egos this probably won't be much of an issue, unless you manage to have one of the best lives. So if you did have something big happen, like winning the lottery, you'd be a prime target to have that taken away by one of your alter selves and not even know you won. Just another obstacle with those big lottery wins that needs to be considered.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I just want to add a thought to your set point section (or perhaps your relative section). In my experience of magic is that it can help you along with your career (e.g. help you find a higher paying job in your field), but it can't help you change the dynamic of your career (e.g. if you're a high school teacher who wants to stay a high school teacher, it's unlikely you're going to find a job making six figures).

I think the flip side of money magic is really important: managing it's outflow. General protection magic and help ward off some crises, but budgeting and thrift are important too. Hoodoo has money stay with me magic, along with learning better money managment, would help a lot of folks too.